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, 煖, だん
warming, warmth
かい, 温かい, , あたたかい, あったかい
暖かい usu. refers to air temperature
1. warm, mild, (pleasantly) hot
Only 温かい
2. considerate, kind, genial
Only 暖かい
3. warm (of a colour), mellow
4. having enough money
, おんだん
warm, mild, temperate
地球温, ちきゅうおんだんか
Takes suru
global warming
, 煖房, だんぼう
Takes suru, Antonym: 冷房
(indoor) heating
, 煖炉, だんろ
fireplace, hearth, stove
, だんとう
mild winter, warm winter
, れいだんぼう
air-conditioning, heating and cooling
, 温か, あたたか, あったか
NA-adjective, See 暖かい・1
warm, mild, genial
, かんだんけい
See 温度計・おんどけい
, しゅんだん
warm spring weather, spring warmth
, だんこく
warm country
, だんき
Takes suru
warm up (e.g. engine)
, だんちく, ダンチク
Usually in kana
Arundo donax
, ゆかだん
See 床暖房, Abbreviation
underfloor heating
, だんかい
warm sea
, かんだん
cold and heat, (degree of) temperature
, だんりゅう
warm current
, 煖気, だんき
warmth, warm weather
, たまのれん
curtain made of strung beads
かさ, あたたかさ
房機, 房器, だんぼうき
heater, heating unit
, ゆかだんぼう
floor heating, underfloor heating
, なわのれん
rope curtain
, おんだんか
Takes suru
1. warming
See 地球温暖化・ちきゅうおんだんか, Abbreviation
2. global warming
, はるだんろ
Obscure term
fireplace used in springtime
簾名, のれんな
See 暖簾・1
store name written on a noren
, かんだんさ
temperature difference
, だんち
warm district, region of mild climate
切り, きりのれん
short split entrance curtain
かい人, あたたかいひと
warmhearted person
温風, おんぷうだんぼう
warm-air heating
前線, おんだんぜんせん
a warm front
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