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, あまね.く, あまねし
universal, wide(ly), generally, Prussia
, ふつう
May take 'no'
1. general, ordinary, usual
2. normally, generally, usually
Colloquialism, as 普通に
3. really
See 普通列車, Abbreviation
4. local train, train that stops at every station
, ふきゅう
Takes suru
diffusion, spread, popularization, promulgation, familiarization
, ふげん
Samantabhadra (bodhisattva), Universal Compassion
通預金, ふつうよきん
ordinary bank account
, , , ふへん
May take 'no', Takes suru, Antonym: 特殊
universal, general, ubiquitous, omnipresent
遍的, ふへんてき
universal, omnipresent, ubiquitous
段着, ふだん着, 不断着, ふだんぎ
everyday clothes, ordinary clothes, casual wear, informal dress
, 遍く, 周く, あまねく
Adverb, Usually in kana
widely, extensively, far and wide, everywhere, all around, generally, universally
, ふめん
Abbreviation, abbr of 普通免許
standard driver's licence
, かりぶしん
Takes suru
temporary building
及版, ふきゅうばん
cheap edition (of a book), popular edition
及率, ふきゅうりつ
diffusion rate, rate of spread
請場, ふしんば
building plot
通科, ふつうか
1. infantry (in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force)
See 普通課程
2. general education curriculum
通株, ふつうかぶ
通人, ふつうじん
ordinary person
通弾, ふつうだん
ball ammunition
通便, ふつうびん
usual mail
通法, ふつうほう
common law
遍性, 偏性, 辺性, ふへんせい
universality, ubiquity, omnipresence, catholicity
通紙, ふつうし
plain paper
通体, ふつうたい
See 常体, Linguistics terminology
direct style
通話, ふつうわ
Standard Chinese, Modern Standard Mandarin, Putonghua
化宗, ふけしゅう
Fuke school (defunct sect of Zen Buddhism)
遍化, ふへんか
Takes suru
通車, ふつうしゃ
1. standard size car
Antonym: グリーン車
2. ordinary carriage (train), second-class carriage, ordinary car
通葉, ふつうよう
foliage leaf
門品, ふもんぼん
Abbreviation, abbr. of 観世音菩薩普門品
Avalokitesvara Sutra, Kannon Sutra
通文, ふつうぶん
1. normal style of writing, modern Japanese text
2. text written in literary style with mixed kanji and kana (until the Taisho era)
通種, ふつうしゅ
1. common species
May take 'no'
2. cosmopolitan
及品, ふきゅうひん
popular product
通品, ふつうひん
average-quality article
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