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, ほし
1. star (usu. not including the Sun), planet (usu. not including Earth), heavenly body
2. star (glyph, symbol, shape)
3. star (actor, player, etc.)
4. small dot, spot, fleck
5. star point (in go), hoshi, intersection marked with a dot
, せい
See 星宿・3, See 二十八宿, See 朱雀・すざく・2, Astronomy term
1. Chinese "star" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
Noun, used as a suffix, Noun, used as a prefix
2. Singapore
, えいせい
Astronomy term
1. (natural) satellite, moon
See 人工衛星
2. (artificial) satellite
海王, かいおうせい
Neptune (planet)
天王, てんのうせい, てんおうせい
Uranus (planet)
, わくせい
, かせい
Mars (planet)
通信衛, つうしんえいせい
communication satellite, Broadcast Satellite, BS
, もくせい
Jupiter (planet)
人工衛, じんこうえいせい
artificial satellite, man-made satellite
, しろぼし
1. white circle, white star
Sumo term
2. victory mark
勝ち, かちぼし
(mark indicating) a win
, くろぼし
1. black spot, black dot, bull's-eye
See 負け星・まけぼし, Sumo term
2. mark indicating a defeat
3. loss, failure, mistake, faux pas
, きんせい
Venus (planet)
, しんせい
See ノバ, Astronomy term
1. nova
2. new face, new star
, ぞら, ほしぞら
starry sky
, すい, すいせい
See ほうき星・ほうきぼし, Astronomy term
流れ, ながれぼし
See 流星・りゅうせい, Astronomy term
1. shooting star, falling star, meteor
See 星月・ほしづき
2. star (white patch on the forehead of a horse)
, こうせい
May take 'no', Astronomy term
(fixed) star (i.e. not a planet, meteorite, etc.)
, せいざ
1. constellation
2. astrological sign, star sign, zodiac sign
, りゅうせい
meteor, falling star
小惑, しょうわくせい
Astronomy term
条旗, せいじょうき
1. Stars and Stripes (US flag)
2. Star-Spangled Banner (US anthem)
, せいうん
Astronomy term
1. nebula
See 銀河・2, Obsolete term
2. galaxy
, みょうじょう
See 金星・きんせい
1. morning star, Venus
2. preeminent person (within their own field), star (of the stage, silver screen, etc.)
, ずぼし
bull's-eye, the mark
占い, ほしうらない
astrology, horoscope
, どせい
Saturn (planet)
, きゅうせい
See 陰陽道, See 一白・いっぱく・1, See 二黒・じこく, See 三碧・さんぺき, See 四緑・しろく, See 五黄・ごおう, See 六白・ろっぱく, See 七赤・しちせき, See 八白・はっぱく, See 九紫・きゅうし
nine traditional astrological signs in Onmyōdō, each corresponding to the year of a person's birth and used to create a horoscope
, しちせい, しちしょう
See 北斗七星, Astronomy term, Archaism
the Big Dipper (asterism), the Plough, the Plow
, じゅうせい
Astronomy term
multiple star
, せいや
starry night, starlight night
, いんせい
See 隕石・いんせき, Astronomy term
meteor, falling star
, 井目, 聖目, せいもく
the nine principal points in a game of go
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