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ショウ, のぼ.る
rise up
, じょうしょう
Takes suru, May take 'no'
rising, ascending, climbing
, 陞進, しょうしん, しょうじん
Takes suru
promotion, advancement, rising in rank
, しょうかく
Takes suru, May take 'no'
raising of status, promotion, advance
, しょうきゅう
Takes suru, Antonym: 降給
salary raise
, 陞任, しょうにん
Takes suru, Antonym: 降任
promotion, advancement
, しょうきゅう
Takes suru, Antonym: 降級
promotion, advancement
, しょうか
Takes suru, Chemistry term
1. sublimation
2. sublimating (an emotion, impulse, etc.), channelling, diverting, converting, elevating
, しょうこう
Takes suru
ascending and descending, going up and down
, しょうじゅん
NA-adjective, Antonym: 降順
ascending order
, しょうこう
mercury chloride, corrosive sublimate
, 陞叙, しょうじょ
Takes suru
promotion, advancement
, ていしょう
See 定期昇給, Abbreviation
regular (annual) pay raise
, りしょう
Takes suru
lift-off (e.g. of rockets, planes, etc.), take-off
, しょうりゅう
See 昇り竜・のぼりりゅう・1
rising dragon, great dash
気流, じょうしょうきりゅう
1. ascending air current, updraft
2. upward trend, rise in popularity, influence, etc.
急上, きゅうじょうしょう
Takes suru
sudden rise, steep climb, zoom, trending
, じょうしょうせん
rising curve
汞水, しょうこうすい
solution of corrosive sublimate
, しょうだん
Takes suru
り藤, , 上り藤, のぼりふじ
降舵, しょうこうだ
elevator (aviation)
圧機, しょうあつき
booster (e.g. of current)
, ひしょうてん
See 聖母被昇天
Assumption (of the body and soul of Mary into heaven)
華熱, しょうかねつ
heat of sublimation
流魚, しょうりゅうぎょ
See 遡河魚, Obscure term
anadromous fish (fish that migrates upstream, e.g. salmon)
調, じょうしょうちょう
rising intonation, rising tone
, じょうしょうりつ
rate of increase (e.g. prices), rate of climb (e.g. aircraft)
り龍, り竜, 登り龍, 登り竜, のぼりりゅう, ノボリリュウ
See 昇竜・しょうりゅう
1. rising dragon
Usually in kana
2. white saddle (Helvella crispa), elfin saddle, common helvel
, じょうしょうき
upturn, increment phase, rise period
, かっしょうふう
See 滑降風
anabatic wind
竜拳, 龍拳, しょうりゅうけん
shoryuken, uppercut move in the Street Fighter video game series
天祭, しょうてんさい
Ascension Day, Feast of the Ascension
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