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日本人, にほんじん, にっぽんじん
Japanese person, Japanese people
日本人, にほんじんろん
nihonjinron, theories of Japanese cultural or racial uniqueness
日本人, にほんじんまち
Japantown (esp. historical Japantowns in Southeast Asia founded in the 16th-17th centuries)
日本人, じゅんにほんじん
(racially) pure Japanese
日本人, にほんじんかい
Japanese association, Japanese expat. organization
日本人, にほんじんがい
Japantown, Little Tokyo
在外日本人, ざいがいにほんじん
Japanese residing abroad
日本人学校, にほんじんがっこう
school for Japanese outside of Japan
日本人離れ, 日本人ばなれ, にほんじんばなれ
Takes suru, May take 'no'
un-Japanese in appearance or character
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