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, ざん
Obscure term
beheading, decapitation
, 嶄新, ざんしん
novel, original, new, innovative
, きる
Godan verb, Transitive
to kill (a human) using a blade (sword, machete, knife, etc.), to slice (off), to lop (off), to cut (off)
, ざんざい
(execution by) decapitation
, ざんげき
Takes suru
slash, slashing attack
, ざんかん
killing a villain (with a sword, dagger, etc.)
, ひときり
, つじぎり
killing a passerby in order to test a new sword
馬刀, ざんばとう
Martial arts term
zanbatō, long-handled Chinese anti-cavalry sword
鉄剣, ざんてつけん
sword that cuts iron
奸状, ざんかんじょう
letter explaining the reasons for cutting down an alleged villain, assassin's written vindication of his killing
首刑, ざんしゅけい
, ざんしゅ
Takes suru
1. decapitation
2. decapitated head
り合い, 切り合い, 切合い, 合い, きりあい
Takes suru
crossing swords, fighting with swords, cutting each other (in fighting)
撫で, 撫で切り, 撫, 撫切り, なでぎり
clean sweep, killing several with one sword sweep
試し, 試し切り, ためしぎり
trying out a new sword or blade (originally on someone, but now on soaked straw targets)
新奇抜, 嶄新奇抜, ざんしんきばつ
novel, unconventional, cutting-edge
メッタ, 滅多切り, メッタ切り, 滅多, めった, めった切り, メッタぎり, めったぎり
hacking to pieces
りかかる, 切りかかる, り掛かる, 切り掛かる, り掛る, 切り掛る, 掛かる, 切掛かる, 掛る, 切掛る, きりかかる
Godan verb, Transitive
to assault with a sword, to stab at, to slash at
, ざんさつ
Takes suru
putting to the sword
り捨て御免, 切り捨て御免, 捨て御免, 切捨て御免, 捨御免, 切捨御免, きりすてごめん
right of samurai to kill commoners for perceived affronts (Edo period)
泣いて馬謖を, ないてばしょくをきる
Expression, Idiomatic expression
being just before one is generous
切り倒す, り倒す, 切倒す, きりたおす
Godan verb, Transitive
to cut down, to chop down, to fell
切れ味, れ味, 切味, , きれあじ
1. sharpness, cutting ability
2. quickness (of wit), incisiveness, technical proficiency, skill
in ball sports
3. peppiness (of a ball)
首切り, 首, くびきり
1. decapitation, beheading
2. firings, dismissals, layoffs, downsizing
3. small samurai sword used for decapitation
切り込み, り込み, 切込み, きりこみ
1. cut, notch
2. raid, attack
首切る, 首, 馘る, 剄る, くびきる
Godan verb
1. to behead, to decapitate
2. to fire, to dismiss
切り刻む, り刻む, 刻む, きりきざむ
Godan verb, Transitive
to hew, to chop up, to mangle, to mince
切り解く, り解く, 切解く, 解く, きりほどく
Godan verb, Transitive
to cut open (a tied bundle), to release (prisoners)
切り死に, り死に, きりじに
Takes suru, Sensitive
fighting to the death (with swords)
切り破る, り破る, 切破る, きりやぶる
Godan verb, Transitive
to cut to pieces
叩き切る, 叩き, たたき切る, たたき, 叩ききる, たたききる
Godan verb, Transitive
to hack, to chop (firewood, meat, etc.), to chop off (e.g. a head)
袈裟切り, 袈裟, けさぎり
slashing a sword diagonally from the shoulder
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