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文字, もじ, もんじ
1. letter (of alphabet), character
Only もんじ
2. writing
光学式文字認識, こうがくしきもじにんしき
Computer terminology
optical character recognition, OCR
文字通り, 文字どおり, もじどおり
May take 'no'
1. literal
Adverbial noun
2. literally
文字, かしらもじ
1. first letter of a word, capital letter (at the start of a word or sentence)
2. initials (of one's name)
文字, おおもじ, だいもんじ
Only おおもじ, See 小文字・1
1. uppercase letter, capital letter
2. large character, large writing
Only だいもんじ
3. the (kanji) character "dai" meaning "big"
4. huge character "dai" formed by fires lit on the side of a mountain in Kyoto on August 16 each year
文字, じゅうもんじ
May take 'no'
cross, cruciform
文字, もじばん
1. dial (on timepiece, meter, etc.)
2. letter board (e.g. on typewriter, writing aide for the disabled, etc.), character board
文字, よこもじ
1. horizontal script (esp. of a European language), European writing, Roman letters
2. European language, Western language
文字, しゃもじ, さもじ
Usually in kana
wooden spoon, ladle, rice scoop
文字, もじれつ
Computer terminology
character string
文字, おやもじ
See 親字
1. entry kanji in a kanji dictionary
See 大文字・1
2. capital letter
3. matrix (printing)
4. kanji corresponding to furigana
文字, せもじ
lettering on the spine of a book
文字, おんなもじ
woman's handwriting, hiragana
文字, ゆもじ, いもじ
See 腰巻き
1. woman's loincloth (worn as a kimono underskirt)
See 湯帷子
2. single-layer absorbent bathrobe (worn during or after a bath)
文字, おとこもじ
man's handwriting, kanji
文字, はなもじ
ornate initial, capital letters, flowers planted to form characters
文字, かおもじ
emoticon, smiley, kaomoji
『心配しないで。私、元気だから (^-^)v』「あ・・・顔文字?」
文字, ふたもじ
1. two (written) characters
See 韮, Archaism, Female term or language
2. Chinese chive, garlic chive (Allium tuberosum)
文字, か文字, かもじ
mother, wife
文字, 文字言葉, もじことば
See 女房詞
word created by retaining the first syllable (or two) of a word and suffixing it with the word "moji"
文字, もじかん
Computer terminology
letter spacing, tracking
文字, えいもじ
See ラテン文字
English letter
文字, かたもじ
Computer terminology
文字, ふくろもじ
Computer terminology
open face
文字, もじぞう
Computer terminology
character image
文字, もじはば
Computer terminology
character width
文字, もじわく
Computer terminology
character body
文字, あおもじ
Litsea cubeba
文字, しもんじ, ゆびもじ
fingerspelling (in sign language for the deaf), finger alphabet
文字, まるもじ
rounded handwriting
文字, こもじ, こもんじ
Obscure term
文字, ごもじ
1. five letters, five signs
See 和歌, See 俳句
2. first five syllables of a waka or haiku
文字, いもじ
See 烏賊・いか, Archaism, Female term or language
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