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, , しき
Noun, used as a suffix, Noun, used as a prefix
1. spreading, laying out, covering
See 敷金, Abbreviation
2. security deposit
See 敷き布団
3. Japanese mattress
, , じき
suffix indicating room size (following a number of tatami mats and a counter)
, 布く, しく
Godan verb
1. to spread out, to lay out
2. to take a position
See 法令を敷く
3. to impose widely (e.g. over a city)
, しきち
site, plot, lot, grounds
き布団, 布団, き蒲団, 蒲団, ぶとん, しきぶとん
See 掛蒲団
futon (laid on the floor), (Japanese) mattress, underquilt, sleeping mat
, 邸, やしき
residence, estate, grounds, premises, mansion
, くらしき
See 倉敷料, Abbreviation
storage charges
, 布設, ふせつ
Takes suru
laying (a railroad, pipes, naval mines, etc.), construction
河川, かせんじき, かせんしき
flood plain, river terrace, riverside area, area between river and river bank
, 下, したじき
1. desk pad, sheet of plastic (or cardboard, felt, etc.) placed under writing paper, underlay
2. being pinned under, being caught under, being trapped under, being buried under, being crushed beneath
often as 〜を下敷きにして
3. model, pattern
, 坐, ざしき
1. tatami room, tatami mat room, formal Japanese room
2. dinner party in a tatami room (esp. when a geisha or maiko attends)
, 閾, しきい, しきみ, しき
See 鴨居, Architecture term
threshold (esp. one with grooves for sliding doors), sill
, しききん
(security) deposit, caution money
, さじき, さんじき
reviewing stand, box, gallery
き詰める, きつめる, 詰める, しきつめる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to cover a surface, to spread all over, to blanket, to lay
, いしき
kimono seat lining
, 釜, かましき
kettle rest
, いしじき
stone paving, stone paved area
, とこしき
animal bedding, sand thrown on ship decks, any kind of floor covering
, 鞍褥, 鞍, くらしき, あんじょく
saddlecloth, numnah
, しきげた
Architecture term
partition cap, upper plate, wall girder
, 引き, き引き, しきびき
non-refundable restoration fee (when moving out of a property), money withheld from a deposit
, くらしきりょう
storage charges, warehouse charges
表座, おもてざしき
See 奥座敷
front room, parlor, parlour, living room
, 金, 鉄, 鉄, かなしき
き皮, き革, , , しきがわ
1. fur rug, fur cushion
2. insole, inner sole
き紙, , しきがみ
paper mat
き藁, しきわら
(animal's) litter
花屋, はなやしき
public flower garden
, やしきまち
residential area
, ざしきけん
dog that is raised indoors
, なべしき
pot stand
お座, 御座, おざしき
See 座敷・1, Polite
1. tatami room
See 座敷・2
2. dinner party in a tatami room with a geisha or maiko
, ざしきぎ
See 座敷・2
dress worn by a geisha to a zashiki party
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