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, お.く
set aside, give up, suspend, discontinue, lay aside, except
, そち
Takes suru
measure, step, action
, そじ
wording, phraseology, diction
, とくそ
See 特別措置, Abbreviation
special measure, special measures
おいて, いて
Expression, See を措いて, Usually in kana, usu. as 措いて
except, no other
, きゅうそだい
poor student (scholar)
辞法, そじほう
報復, ほうふくそち
reprisals, retaliatory measures
予算, よさんそち
budgetary provision
特別, とくべつそち
special measure, special measures
緊急, きんきゅうそち
Takes suru
emergency measures, urgent countermeasures
暫定, ざんていそち
temporary step, stopgap measure
進退, きょそしんたい
behavior, bearing, demeanor
言動, きょそげんどう
Obscure term, yojijukugo
speech and behavior, words and deeds
是正, ぜせいそち
corrective action (measure), rectification
善後, ぜんごそち
remedial measure, preventive measure, the best way to cope with (meet) the situation
置入院, そちにゅういん
Takes suru, yojijukugo
involuntary admission (commitment) (to a mental hospital)
保障, ほしょうそち
をおいて, をいて
Expression, Usually in kana
other than, excluding, without
安全, あんぜんそち
safety measure, safety precaution
対抗, たいこうそち
経過, けいかそち
transitional measures
観護, かんごそち
placing a minor under protective detention, imposing a care and custody order
軽減, けいげんそち
relief measure, mitigation measure
特例, とくれいそち
exceptional measures, measures for exceptional cases, preferential measure
優遇, ゆうぐうそち
preferential treatment, privilege, favor, benefit, incentive
応急, おうきゅうそち
stopgap measure, quick-fix solution
法的, ほうてきそち
legal action
時限, じげんそち
time-limited measure
, そてい
Takes suru
assumption, supposition
最善の, さいぜんのそち
best practices, best practice
を失う, きょそをうしなう
Expression, Godan verb
to lose one's composure, to lose one's temper
, きょそ
behavior, behaviour, manner
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