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, 10, , 一〇, じゅう, とお, と
Numeric, 拾 is used in legal documents
1. ten
Only とお
2. ten years of age
シュウ, ジュウ, ひろ.う
pick up, gather, find, go on foot, ten
20, 二十, 廿, 弐, 二〇, 卄, にじゅう, はた
twenty, 20
30, 三十, 三〇, 参, 卅, 丗, さんじゅう, みそ
thirty, 30
40, 四十, 四〇, 四, 卌, よんじゅう, しじゅう, よそ
forty, 40
, ひろう
Godan verb, Transitive
to pick up, to find, to gather
収集, 蒐集, , 蒐輯, しゅうしゅう
Takes suru
1. collecting, accumulating, gathering
2. collection (of art, stamps, insects, etc.)
3. garbage collection, waste collection
, しゅうしゅう
Takes suru
control, bringing under control, settling (a matter), putting in order
い上げる, ひろいあげる
Ichidan verb
to pick up, to pick out
, ひろい
Noun, used as a suffix
1. picking up, someone who picks up things
See 文選・1
2. type picking (letterpress printing)
3. walking (of an aristocrat)
, いのちびろい
Takes suru
narrow escape from death
, たまひろい
Sports term
1. fetching balls (tennis, baseball, etc.)
2. ball boy
, くずひろい
ragpicking, ragpicker
, しゅうとく
Takes suru
finding (lost property), picking up
得物, しゅうとくぶつ
found article
, こつひろい
gathering up the ashes of the deceased
得者, しゅうとくしゃ
finder (of lost property)
, たきぎひろい
firewood gathering
い屋, ひろいや
い目, ひろいめ
Takes suru
picking up stitches (knitting)
, おひろい
Honorific or respectful, originally from the secret language of court ladies
walk, walking
い箸, ひろいばし
passing food from one person's chopsticks to another's (a breach of etiquette)
い画, ひろいが
image found on the internet (as opposed to one created by oneself)
い足, ひろいあし
walking on the good part of a street (to avoid puddles, etc.)
い出す, ひろいだす
Godan verb, Transitive
to single out, to select
年を, としをひろう
Expression, Godan verb
to grow old
紙屑, かみくずひろい
い歩き, ひろいあるき
Takes suru
1. (a) wander, amble
See 拾い足
2. walking on the good part of a street (to avoid puddles, etc.)
い食い, ひろいぐい
Takes suru
scavenging for food
骨を, ほねをひろう
Expression, Godan verb
1. to collect the ashes of the deceased
2. to look after someone's affairs after he dies
もく, もくひろい
gathering cigarette butts, person gathering cigarette butts
, しゅうい
gleaning, gleanings
い集める, ひろいあつめる
Ichidan verb
to gather
ボール, ボールひろい
See 球拾い・1, Sports term
1. fetching balls (tennis, baseball, etc.)
See 球拾い・2
2. ball boy
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