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拡大, かくだい
Takes suru
magnification, enlargement, expansion, amplification
拡大均衡, かくだいきんこう
an expanded or expanding equilibrium
拡大, かくだいりつ
rate of magnification, magnification power
拡大, かくだいきょう
See 虫眼鏡・1
magnifying glass, magnifier, loupe
拡大, きゅうかくだい
Takes suru
boom, sudden expansion
拡大, かくだいかん
expanding pipe, diffuser, expander, reducer
市場拡大, しじょうかくだい
market expansion
東方拡大, とうほうかくだい
eastward expansion, eastward enlargement
拡大解釈, かくだいかいしゃく
Takes suru, yojijukugo
broad interpretation
軍事拡大, ぐんじかくだい
military expansion
景気拡大, けいきかくだい
economic expansion, boom
拡大販売, かくだいはんばい
Takes suru, See 拡販
sales promotion
拡大路線, かくだいろせん
expansion policy, road to expansion
勢力拡大, せいりょくかくだい
expansion of one's sphere of influence, increase in one's power (strength, influence)
軍備拡大, ぐんびかくだい
See 軍備拡張
expansion of armaments
需要拡大, じゅようかくだい
increase in (expansion of) demand
拡大行列, かくだいぎょうれつ
Computer terminology
augmented matrix
拡大縮小, かくだいしゅくしょう
Computer terminology
scaling, zooming
拡大保証, かくだいほしょう
Computer terminology
extended warranty
内需拡大, ないじゅかくだい
expansion of domestic demand
輸出拡大, ゆしゅつかくだい
expansion of exports, export expansion
投資拡大, とうしかくだい
increased investment
拡大推計, かくだいすいけい
Takes suru
extrapolation, projection
拡大家族, かくだいかぞく
extended family
拡大実数, かくちょうじっすう
Mathematics term
extended real number
感染拡大, かんせんかくだい
spread of infection
拡大再生産, かくだいさいせいさん
reproduction on an enlarged or expanded scale
拡大連座制, かくだいれんざせい
See 連座制
expanded system of guilt by association in Japanese election law, which stipulates that an elected official may lose his position if someone in his campaign commits a crime
拡大, ふかくだい
nonexpansion, localization, localisation, nonaggravation
文字幅拡大, もじはばかくだいりつ
Computer terminology
character expansion factor
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