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, 闔, とびら
1. door, gate, opening
2. title page
, もんぴ
door(s) of a gate
, 開ひ, かいひ
Takes suru
opening a door
, うらとびら
back leaf
, とびらぐち
doorway, door, hatch
, さいひ
1. brushwood door, brushwood gate
2. wretched abode, miserable shack
, なかとびら
chapter title page, divisional title
, へいひ
Takes suru
closure of a gate or door
防火, ぼうかとびら
fire door
防水, ぼうすいひ
watertight door
自動, じどうとびら
automatic door
回転, かいてんとびら
revolving door
小開, 小開ひ, しょうかいひ
Obscure term
opening a door for a moment (esp. on the train, when someone's foot is stuck, etc.)
観音, かんのんとびら
See 観音開き・かんのんびらき・1
double doors opening from the centre
二十の, にじゅうのとびら
twenty questions (game)
仕掛け, しかけとびら
trapdoor, trap door
ガラス, ガラスとびら
See ガラス戸
glass door
, てっぴ
iron door
, とびらえ
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