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当然, とうぜん
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
natural, as a matter of course, justified, deserved, reasonable
理の当然, りのとうぜん
standing to reason, natural
当然視する, とうぜんしする
to consider to be inevitable, to consider to be reasonable
当然のこと, 当然の事, とうぜんのこと
a matter of course, what is to be expected, par for the course
当然の報い, とうぜんのむくい
one's just deserts, one's just desserts, one's just reward, what one deserves, comeuppance
当然ながら, とうぜんながら
Expression, Adverb, See 当然のことながら・とうぜんのことながら
naturally, of course, understandably
当然のことながら, 当然の事ながら, とうぜんのことながら
Expression, Adverb
naturally, not surprisingly, it should be appreciated that, understandably, as a matter of course, as is obvious, as will be understood
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