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引き出し, 引出し, 抽き出し, 抽出し, 抽斗, 抽匣, ひきだし
1. drawer
not 抽斗,抽匣
2. withdrawal (of money from an account)
3. variety of knowledge and experience useful for handling things impromptu
引き出す, 引出す, 引きだす, ひきだす
Conjugated: 引き出し
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to pull out, to take out, to draw out
2. to lead out (e.g. a horse from a stable), to summon (e.g. to court), to bring (e.g. someone to the negotiating table), to drag
3. to withdraw (money), to draw
4. to bring out (talent, potential, beauty, flavour, etc.), to extract (information, the truth, etc.), to get (e.g. an answer out of someone), to obtain (e.g. a result), to elicit, to draw (a conclusion), to derive (e.g. pleasure)
5. to get (money) out of someone, to coax out of someone, to get someone to pay, to make someone produce (funds)
隠し引き出し, かくしひきだし
secret drawer, hidden drawer
現金引き出し, げんきんひきだし
cash withdrawal
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