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弁護士, べんごし
lawyer, attorney
弁護士, べんごしかい
bar association
弁護士, べんごしほう
Attorneys-at-Law Act, Lawyer Act
顧問弁護士, こもんべんごし
legal adviser, legal advisor, corporation lawyer, family lawyer
社内弁護士, しゃないべんごし
in-house lawyer
弁護士費用, べんごしひよう
legal fee
弁護士道徳, べんごしどうとく
legal ethics
悪徳弁護士, あくとくべんごし
shyster, pettifogger, unscrupulous lawyer, crooked lawyer
事務弁護士, じむべんごし
solicitor (legal practitioner)
弁護士事務所, べんごしじむしょ
law office, lawyer's office, attorney's office
ヤメ検弁護士, やめ検弁護士, ヤメけんべんごし, やめけんべんごし
former public prosecutor who now works as a lawyer, prosecutor-turned-lawyer
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