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, ちょう
Noun, used as a suffix
government office, agency, board
警視, けいしちょう
Metropolitan Police Department (esp. Tokyo)
防衛, ぼうえいちょう
See 防衛省
Japan Defense Agency (Defence) (became Japanese Ministry of Defense in January 2007)
, しょうちょう
ministries and government offices, the authorities
環境, かんきょうちょう
Environment Agency
警察, けいさつちょう
National Police Agency
気象, きしょうちょう
(Japanese) Meteorological Agency, JMA
金融, きんゆうちょう
Financial Services Agency, FSA
, かんちょう
government office, government agency, authorities
, ちょうしゃ
government office building
経企, けいきちょう
See 経済企画庁・けいざいきかくちょう, Abbreviation
Economic Planning Agency (defunct as of 2001)
経済企画, けいざいきかくちょう
See 内閣府
Economic Planning Agency (defunct as of 2001)
宮内, くないちょう
Imperial Household Agency
国土, こくどちょう
(Japanese) National Land Agency
科学技術, かがくぎじゅつちょう
See 文部科学省
Science and Technology Agency (1956-2001)
国税, こくぜいちょう
National Tax Agency (Japan)
文化, ぶんかちょう
(Japanese) Agency for Cultural Affairs
, けんちょう
prefectural office
食糧, しょくりょうちょう
food agency
, とちょう
Tokyo Government Office
消防, しょうぼうちょう
Fire and Disaster Management Agency (formerly: Fire Defense Agency) (Defence)
水産, すいさんちょう
(Japanese) Fisheries Agency
検察, けんさつちょう
Public Prosecutor's Office
北海道開発長官, ほっかいどうかいはつちょうちょうかん
Director General of Hokkaido Development Agency
海上保安, かいじょうほあんちょう
Japan Coast Guard (formerly Maritime Safety Agency)
資源エネルギー, しげんエネルギーちょう
Agency of Natural Resources and Energy
, せいちょう
government office
林野, りんやちょう
Forestry Agency
官公, かんこうちょう
government and municipal offices, public agencies
社会保険, しゃかいほけんちょう
Social Insurance Agency
特許, とっきょちょう
Patent Office, Patent Agency
防衛施設, ぼうえいしせつちょう
(Japanese) Defense Facilities Administration Agency (Defence)
, しちょう
(governmental) branch office, subprefecture
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