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幸せ, 仕合わせ, 倖せ, 仕合せ, しあわせ, しやわせ
happiness, good fortune, luck, blessing
幸せ, 不仕合わせ, ふしあわせ
unhappiness, misfortune, ill luck
幸せ, 仕合せ者, 仕合わせ者, しあわせもの
fortunate person, lucky fellow, lucky dog
幸せ太り, しあわせぶとり
Expression, Colloquialism
putting on weight from the good (married) life
幸せにする, しあわせにする
to bring someone happiness, to make someone happy
芸が身を助けるほどの不幸せ, 芸が身を助けるほどの不仕合, げいがみをたすけるほどのふしあわせ
Expression, See 芸は身を助ける, Proverb, twist on the proverb 芸は身を助ける
being able to live as an artist is no blessing
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