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, 巾, はば
1. width, breadth
2. freedom (e.g. of thought), latitude
3. gap, difference (e.g. in price), range (e.g. of voice)
, 布, の
Noun, used as a suffix, Counter, after a number in the hito-, futa-, mi- counting system
unit of measurement for cloth breadth (30-38 cm)
, ふく
1. scroll
Suffix, Counter, also ぶく, ぷく
2. counter for scrolls
, 大巾, おおはば
NA-adjective, Antonym: 小幅・1
1. big, large, drastic, substantial
See 小幅・2, See 中幅・1
2. full-width cloth (approx. 72 cm wide for traditional Japanese clothing; approx. 140 cm wide for Western clothing)
広い, はばひろい
extensive, wide, broad
, ぞうふく
Takes suru
1. amplification (elec.)
2. magnification, amplification, making larger
, こはば
NA-adjective, Antonym: 大幅・おおはば・1
1. small, narrow
See 大幅・2, See 中幅・1
2. single-breadth cloth (approx. 36 cm wide)
走り跳び, 走, はしりはばとび
running long jump
, かわはば
width of a river
, 振り, しんぷく, ふりはば
Physics terminology
, ぜんぷく
May take 'no'
1. full, wholehearted, utmost, all, every
2. overall width
, かくふく
1. widening (of a road)
Takes suru
2. to widen (esp. a road)
, 値巾, ねはば
price range or fluctuation
, かたはば
May take 'no'
shoulder width (breadth)
, 巾広, はばびろ
May take 'no', NA-adjective
wide-width (e.g. cloth), broad
, がふく
picture scroll
, そうふく
pair of hanging scrolls
, ちゅうはば
1. medium-width cloth (approx. 45 cm wide)
See 中幅帯, Abbreviation
2. medium-width kimono sash (approx. 26 cm), medium-width obi
, へんぷく
edge, surface appearance, outer appearance
, りはば
profit margin
, ふくいん
breadth, extent
, まんぷく
May take 'no'
full, complete, entire, total, sincere, wholehearted
, しんぷく
seismic amplitude
, とうはば
May take 'no'
fixed-width (e.g. font)
, みちはば
width of a road
, ぬのはば
cloth width
, せはば
breadth of the back
, 巾木, はばき
baseboard, skirting board
, じょうふく
type of hanging scroll (made from paper of approx. 130cm x 30cm in size)
, 二布, ふたの
1. double-width cloth
See 腰巻き
2. woman's underskirt
, よくふく, よくはば
, かたはば
interior breadth (of a ship), molded breadth
, しゃはば, しゃふく
car width
, よこはば
breadth, width
, さんぷくつい
set of three
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