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, ぬの, ふ, にの, にぬ
1. cloth
Only ふ, See 布銭
2. bujian (spade-shaped bronze coin of ancient China)
, , の
Noun, used as a suffix, Counter, after a number in the hito-, futa-, mi- counting system
unit of measurement for cloth breadth (30-38 cm)
, さいふ
purse, handbag, wallet
, はいふ
Takes suru, May take 'no'
, ふせ
Takes suru, Buddhist term
1. alms-giving, charity
2. offerings (usu. money) to a priest (for reading sutras, etc.)
, もうふ
, あさぬの, まふ
hemp cloth, linen
, ぶんぷ
Takes suru
distribution, allocation
敷き, 敷, 敷き蒲団, 敷蒲団, 敷ぶとん, しきぶとん
See 掛蒲団
futon (laid on the floor), (Japanese) mattress, underquilt, sleeping mat
敷く, , しく
Godan verb
1. to spread out, to lay out
2. to take a position
See 法令を敷く
3. to impose widely (e.g. over a city)
, ふこく
Takes suru
edict, ordinance, proclamation
, 撒, さんぷ, さっぷ
Takes suru
dissemination, scattering, sprinkling, spraying
, ふせき
Takes suru
1. strategic arrangement of go stones, opening moves
2. preparation, preparatory steps, groundwork
, ふじん
Takes suru
1. battle formation
2. lineup (e.g. for a game)
わかめ, 若, 和, 稚海藻, 裙蔕菜, ワカメ
Usually in kana
wakame (species of edible brown seaweed, Undaria pinnatifida)
, 切れ地, 切地, 裂地, ぬのじ, きれじ
cloth, fabric
, こうふ
Takes suru
official proclamation, announcement, promulgation (e.g. of regulations)
, ふきょう
Takes suru, May take 'no'
propagation (e.g. a religion), proselytizing, missionary work
, るふ
Takes suru, May take 'no'
circulation, dissemination
, はんぷ
Takes suru
distribution, circulation
, 座ぶとん, 座蒲団, 坐蒲団, ざぶとん
zabuton (flat floor cushion used when sitting or kneeling; usu. rectangular)
, とふ
Takes suru
1. application (of ointment)
2. coating
, こんぶ, こぶ, コンブ
kombu (usu. Saccharina japonica), konbu, kelp, any edible species from the family Laminariaceae
, はっぷ
Takes suru
proclamation, promulgation
, あやぬの
twill damask and brocade
, こしぬの
, りょうふ
area distribution
はぶ, 波, 飯匙倩, ハブ
Usually in kana
habu (Trimeresurus flavoviridis), yellow-spotted pit viper
, ふれい
Takes suru
official announcement, proclamation
, ぬのぶくろ, ふたい
cloth bag
, ほてい
Hotei, Budai, god of contentment, depicted as a pot-bellied monk who carries a large cloth bag on his back
, そふ
coarse cloth
, くずふ
cloth made from kudzu (Japanese arrowroot) fiber (fibre)
, 共切れ, ともぎれ, ともぬの
May take 'no'
same cloth, spare cloth (e.g. for patching)
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