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市民, しみん
1. citizen, citizenry, public
2. city inhabitant, townspeople
3. bourgeoisie, middle class
市民, しみんけん
1. citizenship, civic rights, civil rights
2. widespread acceptance, social recognition, common use
市民社会, しみんしゃかい
civil society
市民, しみんほう
civil law
市民, ぜんしみん
1. all citizens
2. all the city's inhabitants, the whole city
市民, しみんぜい
municipal tax
市民, しみんぐん
市民運動, しみんうんどう
citizens' campaign, citizens' group
市民会館, しみんかいかん
city meeting hall, civic hall, community center
市民団体, しみんだんたい
citizen's group
名誉市民, めいよしみん
honorary citizen
市民革命, しみんかくめい
people's revolution, popular revolution
市民階級, しみんかいきゅう
middle class, bourgeoisie
市民生活, しみんせいかつ
civic life
市民大会, しみんたいかい
citizens' rally, mass meeting
市民戦争, しみんせんそう
See 内乱
civil war
市民活動, しみんかつどう
civic activity, activities initiated by the citizens themselves
市民教育, しみんきょういく
civic education, education for citizenship
地球市民, ちきゅうしみん
May take 'no'
global citizen, citizen of the earth
市民感覚, しみんかんかく
perspective of an ordinary person, common sense, popular feeling
一般市民, いっぱんしみん
ordinary citizen, the general public
市民, しょうしみん
petty bourgeois, lower middle class
市民ラジオ, しみんラジオ
citizens band radio, CB radio
市民プラザ, しみんプラザ
public plaza, citizen's plaza
市民的不服従, しみんてきふふくじゅう
civil disobedience
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