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, くず, クズ
Usually in kana
1. waste, scrap, garbage, dregs
2. scum, piece of trash, loser
, のこくず, のこぎりくず, きょせつ
See 大鋸屑
, , カゴ, かご, くず籠, クズ籠, くず篭, クズ篭, くずかご, くずカゴ, クズかご, クズカゴ
wastebasket, wastepaper basket
, あさくず
oakum, tow
, かんな, かんなくず
wood shavings
, かなくず
scrap metal
, くずいと
waste thread
, くず屋, くずや
ragman, junkman, garbage man
, りんせつ
scale (i.e. of pathologically dry skin)
, くずまゆ
waste cocoon (silk), bad cocoon, damaged cocoon
綿, わたくず
cotton waste, flue
, ごみ, ごみくず, ゴミくず, ゴミクズ
Usually in kana
trash, garbage, junk
, がんせつ
Geology term
detritus, debris
, らくせつ
Medicine term
desquamation, skin peeling
, ひせつ
Medicine term
dander, skin flakes, dead skin cells
, もくず
1. scraps of seaweed
2. death at sea (metaphor)
パン, パンくず
Usually in kana
拾い, くずひろい
ragpicking, ragpicker
裁ち, たちくず
cuttings, scraps
削り, けずりくず
切れ, きれくず
cloth scraps
大鋸, おが, おがくず
選り, えりくず, よりくず
, 紙かご, 紙くずかご, かみくずかご
wastepaper basket, wastebasket
, もくずがに, モクズガニ
Usually in kana
Japanese mitten crab (Eriocheir japonica)
, さいせつがん
Geology term
clastic rock
, さいせつぶつ
Geology term
detritus, clastic material
, さいせつきゅう
pyroclastic cone
金属, 金属くず, きんぞくくず
scrap metal
穴子, くずあなご, クズアナゴ
Usually in kana
duck-billed eel (Nettastoma parviceps)
赤藻, あかもく, アカモク
Usually in kana
devil weed (Sargassum horneri)
同然, かみくずどうぜん
as good as waste paper, mere scrap of paper
拾い, かみくずひろい
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