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寿, 壽, ことぶき
1. congratulations, felicitations, best wishes
2. longevity, long life
寿, じゅ
1. age, years
2. longevity, long life
3. congratulation, celebration, congratulatory gift
にぎり寿, 握り寿, にぎり鮨, 握りずし, 握り鮨, 握鮨, 握寿, にぎりずし
Food term
nigirizushi, hand-formed sushi with a topping of seafood, etc.
寿, じゅみょう
life span
寿, ちょうじゅ
May take 'no'
long life, longevity
恵比寿, 恵比須, 戎, 夷, 蛭子, えびす, ゑびす, えべす, ひるこ
See 七福神
Ebisu, god of fishing and commerce
寿, べいじゅ
米 is composed of 八十八
88th birthday
寿, さんじゅ
80th birthday
寿, ことぶく
Godan verb, Transitive
to congratulate, to wish one well
寿, 言祝ぐ, ことほぐ
Godan verb, Transitive
to congratulate, to wish (someone) well, to celebrate
寿, じゅが
long-life celebrations, particularly the 61st, 77th and 88th birthdays
寿, じゅぞう
statue (of a living person)
寿, じゅはい
toasting, drinking to someone's health
寿, じゅれい
long life, age, life
寿, じんじゅ
human life span, human lifespan
寿, 卆寿, そつじゅ
90th birthday
寿, ばんじゅ
寿, えんじゅ
longevity, prolongation of life
寿, せいじゅ
age or life of the emperor
寿, にんじゅ
Ninju era (851.4.28-854.11.30)
寿, まんじゅ
Manju era (1024.7.13-1028.7.25)
寿, じゅえい
Juei era (1182.5.27-1184.4.16)
寿, じゅふく
long life and happiness
寿, 頌壽, しょうじゅ, じゅじゅ
Takes suru, Obscure term
celebration of longevity
寿, じょうじゅ
100th birthday
寿, ちゃじゅ
108th birthday
寿, ちんじゅ
112th birthday (and beyond)
寿, せいじゅ
90th birthday
椿寿, ちんじゅ
longevity, long life
寿, がじゅ
See 還暦, See 古希・1, See 喜寿, See 米寿
longevity celebration, old age anniversary
寿, ひゃくじゅ
centenarian, person at least 100 years old
寿, てんじゅ
1. natural span of life
2. 250 years old
寿, きじゅ
a variant of 喜 looks like 七十七 (77)
77th birthday
寿司飯, すし飯, 鮨飯, 鮓飯, すしめし
Food term
rice seasoned with vinegar, sugar and salt, used for preparing sushi, sushi rice
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