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, 諾, むべ, うべ
truly, indeed
便, べんぎ, びんぎ
convenience, accommodation, advantage, benefit, expediency
しい, よろしい
Usually in kana, Honorific or respectful
good, OK, all right, fine, very well, will do, may, can
しく, 敷く, よろしく
Expression, Adverb, Usually in kana
1. well, properly, suitably
2. best regards, please remember me, please treat me favorably (favourably), please take care of, please do
as ...よろしく
3. just like ..., as though one were ...
as よろしく…べし
4. by all means, of course
, じぎ
right time, appropriate time, season's greetings
, てきぎ
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
1. suitable, appropriate, fitting, proper
Adverbial noun
2. appropriately, accordingly, as required, at one's discretion
, きぎ
opportuneness, timeliness, opportunity, occasion
, じぎ
fitting thing
, 情誼, じょうぎ
friendly feelings, fellowship
, 好候, う候, ようそろ, ようそろう, よーそろー, ヨーソロー
Interjection, Usually in kana, nautical
1. keep (it) steady (after a turn)
See 宜しい・よろしい
2. understood, alright
陽殿, 儀陽殿, ぎようでん
See 十七殿
pavilion housing imperial treasures and historical artifacts (in Heian Palace)
便, べんぎじょう
for convenience, as a matter of convenience
便主義, べんぎしゅぎ
opportunism, expediency
便結婚, べんぎけっこん
marriage for convenience
しゅう, よろしゅう
Expression, Adverb, See よろしく・2, Usually in kana, Dialect: Osaka-ben
best regards, please remember me, please treat me favorably (favourably), please take care of
便, べんぎてき
convenient, expedient, makeshift
, 祢, ねぎ
See 宮司, See 神主, Shinto term
1. senior priest (of a Shinto shrine, below chief priest and deputy chief priest)
Obscure term
2. grasshopper, locust
便を図る, べんぎをはかる
Expression, Godan verb
to suit the convenience of, to accommodate
しくやる, よろしくやる
Expression, Godan verb, Usually in kana
1. to make out with, to make cozy with (cosy)
2. to do at one's own discretion
を得る, じぎをえる
Expression, Ichidan verb, often used prenominally as 時宜を得た
to be well-timed, to be timely, to be opportune
便置籍船, べんぎちせきせん
flag-of-convenience ship, ship flying a flag of convenience
しければ, よろしければ
Expression, Usually in kana
if you please, if you don't mind, when you're ready, if you want, if that's alright with you
一寸しい, ちょっとよろしい
Interjection, Usually in kana
(can you) spare a little time (to speak)?, (do you) have a moment (to speak)?
なるかな, むべなるかな, うべなるかな
Expression, Usually in kana
quite right, indeed, truly, well said
どうぞしく, どうぞよろしく
Expression, Usually in kana
1. pleased to meet you, how do you do
2. my regards (to someone), my greetings, best wishes, remember me to
しかったら, よろしかったら
Expression, Usually in kana
if you don't mind, if you like
によって, じぎによって
depending on circumstances
しきを得る, よろしきをえる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to be just about right, to be quite appropriate
どうかしく, どうかよろしく
Expression, See よろしくお願いします・1, Usually in kana
1. please remember me, please help me, please treat me well, I look forward to working with you
See よろしくお願いします・2
2. please do, please take care of
高誼, 高, こうぎ
(your) kindness, favours (conferred on one)
好誼, 好, こうぎ
warm friendship
友誼, 友, ゆうぎ
friendship, friendly relations, fellowship
辞儀, 辞, 時儀, じぎ, じんぎ
Takes suru, See お辞儀
1. (bowing and) greeting
2. declining, refusing
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