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, かん
Expression, at the close of a book, film, etc.
1. The End, Finis
Noun, used as a suffix
2. completion, conclusion, end
3. providing fully
, かんぜん
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
perfect, complete
, かんせい
Takes suru
1. complete, completion
2. perfection, accomplishment
, かんりょう
Takes suru, May take 'no', See 完了形, See 完了相
1. completion, conclusion
Linguistics terminology
2. perfect (tense, form, aspect)
, ワンラ
end, completion
, かんとう
Takes suru
going the whole distance, pitching a whole game
, かんぷう
Takes suru
complete blockade (seal), baseball shutout
, ぺき, , かんぺき, かんべき
perfect, complete, flawless
, ほかん
Takes suru
complementation, supplementation, completion
, かんけつ
Takes suru
conclusion, completion
, かんぱい
1. complete defeat, utter defeat, annihilation
Takes suru
2. to be completely defeated, to be beaten hollow
, かんそう
Takes suru
finishing (a race), running the whole distance, reaching the goal, staying the course
, かんばい
Takes suru
selling out, being sold out
, ふかんぜん
imperfect, incomplete, faulty, defective
, かんび
NA-adjective, Takes suru, Antonym: 不備・1
1. (being) fully equipped, (being) fully furnished
Mathematics term
2. completeness
, かんち, かんじ
Takes suru
complete recovery
, かんしょう
Takes suru
complete victory, total victory
, かんこう
Takes suru
completion of construction work
全試合, かんぜんしあい, かんぜんじあい
perfect game
, かんさい
Takes suru
full payment, liquidation
, みかんせい
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
incompletion, incomplete, unfinished
, みかん
May take 'no'
incomplete, unfinished
, ついかん
Takes suru
subsequent completion
, かんしょく
Takes suru
eating everything (on one's plate, etc.)
, かんいん
Takes suru
drinking everything (in one's glass, etc.)
, かんてつ
Colloquialism, Abbreviation, from 完全な徹夜
all nighter, sleepless night
, かんそん
Takes suru
existing in full, remaining completely
, かんぼ
See 完全母乳・かんぜんぼにゅう, Abbreviation
feeding an infant solely with breast milk (i.e. no formula)
, かんかん
Expression, See 完・かん・1, See 以上・いじょう・5, often at end of document
1. confirmed as completed
See 完全完売・かんぜんかんばい, Abbreviation
2. everything must go (e.g. in a sale)
稿, かんこう
Takes suru, See 脱稿, Obscure term
finishing writing, completion of a manuscript
, かんすい, かんつい
Takes suru
successful execution, accomplishment, completion, fulfillment, carrying through
, かんじゅく
Takes suru, May take 'no'
full ripeness, full maturity
結文, かんけつぶん
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