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matrimony, marry
, こんいん
May take 'no', Takes suru
marriage, matrimony
, こんいんとどけ
marriage registration
, こんいんほう
marriage laws
, こんいんしょく
nuptial coloration (colouration)
届書, 婚届け書, こんいんとどけしょ
marriage registration
手続, 婚手続き, こんいんてつづき
marriage procedures, procedure of marriage
戚関係, いんせきかんけい
relation by marriage
適齢, こんいんてきれい
legal age of marriage
関係, こんいんかんけい
marital relationship, marital relations
, いんせき
May take 'no'
relative by marriage, affinity
, いんぞく
in-law, relative by marriage
挙行者, こんいんきょこうしゃ
marriage solemnizer, marriage celebrant
要件具備証明書, こんいんようけんぐびしょうめいしょ
certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage, certification of one's legal capacity to be married
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