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, , 姧, かん
1. cunning and wickedness
2. cunning and wicked person
カン, ケン, かん.する, かしま.しい, みだら
wicked, mischief, seduce, rape, noisy
, かんじん
villain, scoundrel
, かん夫, かんぷ
Obscure term
adulterer, paramour
, かんぷ
, じゅうかん
bestiality, sodomy
, 佞奸, ねいかん
treacherous, wicked, perverse
, わかん
(consensual) sexual intercourse
, りんかん
Takes suru
gang rape
, 奸物, かんぶつ
cunning man, crook
, 奸悪, かんあく
1. wickedness
2. wicked person
, 青かん, あおかん
Usually in kana, Colloquialism
1. sleeping under the stars
2. having sex outdoors
, 死, しかん
necrophilia, necrophilism
, けいかん
homosexual sex between males, buggery, sodomy
, 奸譎, かんきつ, かんけつ
iniquity, wickedness, dishonesty
, かんこく
See 韓国・かんこく・1, Derogatory, Slang, pun on 韓国
South Korea
, すいかん
Vulgar expression or word
having sex with a sleeping person
, ごうかん
Takes suru
rape, sexual assault
通罪, かんつうざい
(the crime of) adultery
, ごうかんざい
Law term
(crime of) rape, criminal assault
する, かんする
1. to commit adultery, to fornicate, to have illicit sex
2. to rape, to violate, to abuse sexually
, ごうかんはん
, まわす, マワす
Godan verb, Transitive, Usually in kana, Slang, based on 回す
to gang-rape
, ごうかんま
rapist, rape fiend
準強, じゅんごうかん
Law term
incapacitated rape, sexual assault against somebody who is intoxicated, asleep or otherwise unable to consent or resist
, そうかんこん
marriage following adultery and a subsequent divorce
淫罪, かんいんざい
Law term
sex crimes
しい, 囂しい, 喧しい, かしましい, かしがましい, かまびすしい
See 喧しい・やかましい・1, Usually in kana
noisy, boisterous
子宮, しきゅうかん
Slang, Vulgar expression or word
intrauterine penetration, cervical penetration
, かんつう
May take 'no'
近親相, きんしんそうかん
May take 'no'
夫姦婦, かんぷかんぷ
adulterer and adulteress, adulterous couple
法定強, ほうていごうかん
Law term
statutory rape, sexual activity with a minor under the age of consent
父子相, ふしそうかん
paternal incest
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