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ニン, ジン, はら.む, みごも.る
, にんしん
Takes suru, May take 'no'
conception, pregnancy
, ひにん
Takes suru, May take 'no'
, にんぷ
May take 'no'
pregnant woman
, 不姙, ふにん
May take 'no'
infertility, sterility, barrenness
, にんせい
fertility (esp. of animals)
, にんよう
See 妊娠
conception, pregnancy, fecundation
, にんぷ
Slang, used by Boys' Love fans
1. male pregnancy, mpreg
See プレパパ
2. father-to-be, partner of pregnant woman
, にんかつ
Takes suru, Abbreviation, Colloquialism, abbrev. of 妊娠活動
trying to conceive, attempting to get pregnant (through various means)
, ふにんしょう
infertility, sterility, barrenness
, ぎにんしん
false pregnancy, phantom pregnancy, pseudopregnancy
婦服, にんぷふく
maternity clothes
, ひにんほう
contraceptive method or measures
, ひにんやく
a contraceptive
, ひにんぐ
contraceptive device, birth-control device
娠時, にんしんじ
during pregnancy, while pregnant
, ふにんせい
infertility (esp. of animals)
孕能, にんようのう
Medicine term
娠線, にんしんせん
pregnancy stretch mark, striae gravidarum
, かいにん
Takes suru
pregnancy, conception
産婦, にんさんぷ
expectant and nursing mothers
娠中絶, にんしんちゅうぜつ
abortion, pregnancy termination
手術, ふにんしゅじゅつ
sterilization (operation), sterilisation
想像, そうぞうにんしん
false pregnancy, pseudocyesis
異常, いじょうにんしん
abnormal pregnancy
ピル, ひにんピル
contraceptive pill
治療, ふにんちりょう
infertility treatment
娠検査, にんしんけんさ
pregnancy test
卵管, らんかんにんしん
See 子宮外妊娠
tubal pregnancy
緊急避, きんきゅうひにん
emergency contraception
娠悪阻, にんしんあそ
Medicine term
hyperemesis gravidarum, HG, severe morning sickness
特定, とくていにんぷ
Law term
specified expectant mother, expectant mother who has been identified as in need of extra support after birth (because of unstable income, mental illness, etc.)
手術, ひにんしゅじゅつ
surgical sterilization, contraceptive operation
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