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, やつ, しゃつ
Only やつ, Pronoun, Usually in kana, Derogatory
1. fellow, guy, chap
2. thing, object
derogatory or familiar
3. he, she, him, her
, , 僕, やつこ, つぶね, やつこらま
Only やつこ, Archaism
1. slave
2. retainer, servant
3. captive
4. varlet
5. I, me
, やっこ
1. servant (esp. a samurai's attendant)
2. chivalrous man (Edo period)
See 奴豆腐, Abbreviation
3. cubed tofu (often served cold)
See 奴凧
4. kite shaped like an Edo-period footman
See 奴頭
5. Edo-period hairstyle worn by samurai's attendants
, め
Suffix, Usually in kana, Derogatory, derogatory suffix (referring to others)
1. damn, bastard
Humble, humble suffix (referring to oneself)
2. humble
, こいつ, こやつ
Pronoun, See 其奴・そいつ・1, Usually in kana, Colloquialism, Derogatory, Familiar language
1. he, she, this fellow, this guy, this person
See 其奴・そいつ・2
2. this, this one, this thing
3. Hey, you!, You bastard!, Damn you!
, , やつ等, やつら
they, those guys
, どれい
May take 'no'
1. slave, servant
2. slavery
あいつ等, 彼, 彼, あいつら
Pronoun, Usually in kana
こいつ等, 此, 此, こいつら
Pronoun, Usually in kana
these guys, these fellows
, そいつ, そやつ, すやつ
Pronoun, See 此奴・こいつ・1, Usually in kana, Colloquialism, Derogatory
1. he, she, that person, that guy, that fellow
Only そいつ, See 此奴・こいつ・2
2. that, that one, that thing
, あいつ, きゃつ, かやつ, あやつ
Pronoun, Usually in kana, Colloquialism, きゃつ and かやつ are masc.
he, she, that guy
, どいつ, どちつ, どやつ
Pronoun, Usually in kana
, こくど
black person, slave
, どはい, しゃつばら, やつばら
See 奴原, Derogatory
guys, fellows
, なのくに, なこく
Country of Na (a country that existed within Japan during the Yayoi period)
, やっこひげ
See 鎌髭, Archaism
sickle-shaped moustache (often worn by servants in the Edo period)
, ぬぼく, どぼく
manservant, footman
, みやつこ, みやづこ
servant of the imperial court
, わけ
Archaism, Humble
1. me
Familiar language
2. you
, やっこあたま
See 奴・やっこ・1
Edo-period hairstyle worn by samurai's attendants
, やつめ, しゃつめ
Only やつめ, Derogatory
1. fellow, guy, chap
2. he, him, she, her
, けんど
See 剣闘士・けんとうし
三下, さんしたやっこ
petty underling, small fry
智鮫, どちざめ, ドチザメ
Usually in kana
banded houndshark (Triakis scyllium, found in the northwest Pacific from southern Siberia to Taiwan)
, しぬひ
See 五色の賤, Archaism
privately-owned slave
, かんぬひ
See 五色の賤, Archaism
government-owned slave
, くぬひ
See 官奴婢, Archaism
government-owned slave
, ふえやっこだい, フエヤッコダイ
Usually in kana
longnose butterfly fish (Forcipiger flavissimus, species of butterflyfish from the Indo-Pacific), forcepsfish
隷制, どれいせい
See 奴隷制度
糸鬢, いとびんやっこ
See 糸鬢, Archaism
person sporting an itobin hairstyle
三一, さんぴんやっこ
See 三一侍, Derogatory
low-ranking samurai
輪抜, 輪抜け, わぬけやっこ, ワヌケヤッコ
See ブルーリングエンジェルフィッシュ, Usually in kana
bluering angelfish (Pomacanthus annularis)
隷船, どれいせん
slave ship
, せいどれい
sex slave, sexual slavery
隷制度, どれいせいど
欲の, よくのどれい
slave to avarice
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