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女性, じょせい, にょしょう
May take 'no'
1. woman, female
Only じょせい, Linguistics terminology
2. feminine gender
女性, じょせいき
female genitalia
女性, じょせいぞう
female image
女性, じょせいび
feminine beauty
女性, じょせいよう
for use by women
女性, じょせいか
Takes suru
feminization, feminisation
女性, じょせいがく
women's studies
女性, じょせいぐん
women's team
女性, しょじょせい
virginity, maidenhood, maidenhead
女性, じょせいかん
one's view (opinion) of women
女性, じょせいし
history of women, herstory
女性, じょせいせい
女性, じょせいし
women's magazine
女性, じょせいけい
See 女性・じょせい・2, Linguistics terminology
feminine gender, feminine form
女性, じょせいてき
feminine, effeminate
女性一般, じょせいいっぱん
women in general
女性差別, じょせいさべつ
See 男性差別
discrimination against women, sexism
女性名詞, じょせいめいし
Linguistics terminology
feminine noun
女性候補, じょせいこうほ
female candidate
女性遍歴, じょせいへんれき
one's history of love affairs with women
女性天皇, じょせいてんのう
female emperor (of Japan)
女性上位, じょせいじょうい
May take 'no'
female dominance, female supremacy
女性嫌悪, じょせいけんお
女性蔑視, じょせいべっし
discrimination against women, female discrimination
女性団体, じょせいだんたい
women's organization, women's group, women's movement
女性運動, じょせいうんどう
women's movement
女性不信, じょせいふしん
distrust of women
女性祭司, じょせいさいし
Obscure term
女性関係, じょせいかんけい
relations with women
女性解放, じょせいかいほう
women's liberation, emancipation of women
独身女性, どくしんじょせい
single woman, spinster
女性活用, じょせいかつよう
empowering women, promoting women's contribution, removing obstacles to women's full participation in society and the workplace
女性性器, じょせいせいき
female genitalia, female genital organs
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