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つぼ, , 壷, 壼, ツボ, つほ, つふ
1. pot, jar, vase
2. dice cup
See 滝壺
3. depression, basin (e.g. of a waterfall)
See 思うつぼ・1, Usually in kana
4. aim, what one wants, the mark
5. key point (of a conversation, etc.), essence
, 壷, こ
hu (ancient Chinese vessel shaped like a vase, usually used to store alcohol)
便, べんつぼ, べんこ
See 汲み取り便所, See 壷・つぼ・1, See 便槽
night-soil vault, clay pot used to collect feces in an outhouse
, 茶壷, ちゃつぼ
tea jar, tea urn
, 痰壷, たんつぼ
spittoon, cuspidor
, つぼざら
small, deep dish, dice cup
, かなつぼ
metal jar or pot
どつぼ, 土, ど, ドツボ
See どつぼにはまる, Usually in kana, usu. as どつぼにはまる
1. very bad condition, awful state, terrible situation, in the shit
See 野壺・のつぼ
2. night-soil reservoir dug in a field
orig. meaning
3. night-soil pot
Obscure term
4. earthenware vessel, earthen urn
, 酒壷, さかつぼ, しゅこ
sake jar, jar containing alcohol
, くそつぼ
See 便壺, See 便槽
clay pot used to collect night-soil
, 野壷, のつぼ
night-soil reservoir dug in the field, field latrine
, こえつぼ
chamber pot, jerry
, 扁壷, へんこ
circular flat stoneware flask
つぼくさ, , 壷草, ツボクサ
Usually in kana
Asiatic pennywort (Centella asiatica), centella, gotu kola, Indian pennywort
, 壷中, こちゅう
May take 'no'
1. inside a jar
2. coward, timid person
, かなつぼまなこ
goggle-eyes, round, sunken eyes, greedy look
消し, けしつぼ
(jar used as a) charcoal extinguisher
ふじつぼ, 富士, 藤, フジツボ
Usually in kana
acorn barnacle (Balanomorpha spp.)
受け, 受, うけつぼ
See 掛け金・かけがね・1
part of a lock that receives the latch, keeper, strike
インク, インクつぼ
ガラス, 硝子, ガラスつぼ
glass jar
の会, えつぼのかい
gathering that's fun for everyone present
箪食漿, 簞食漿, 箪食瓠漿, 簞食瓠漿, 箪食壷漿, 簞食壷漿, たんしこしょう
yojijukugo, Obscure term, from Mencius
receiving with food and drink (e.g. troops), baskets of rice and vessels of congee
カノポス, カノプス, カノープス, カノポスつぼ, カノプスつぼ, カノープスつぼ
Canopic jar, Canopic vase (used to store the internal organs of an Egyptian mummy)
つぼにはまる, にはまる, つぼに嵌まる, ツボに嵌まる, に嵌まる, ツボにはまる
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression, Usually in kana
1. to hit the bull's-eye
2. to go as expected, to succeed (e.g. a plan)
中の天地, 壷中の天地, こちゅうのてんち
another world, enchanted land, joy from drinking and forgetting about the workaday world
クラインの, クラインのつぼ
Mathematics term
Klein bottle
思うにはまる, 思う壷にはまる, 思うつぼにはまる, おもうつぼにはまる
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression
to turn out just as one wished, to play into the hands (of)
サザエの焼き, 栄螺の焼き, さざえの焼き, サザエのつぼやき, さざえのつぼやき
Expression, See 栄螺
turban cooked whole in its own shell
中流に舟を失えば一も千金, 中流に船を失えば一も千金, ちゅうりゅうにふねをうしなえばいっこもせんきん
Expression, Proverb
any port will do in a storm, when you've lost your boat midstream, even a pot is worth a fortune
墨つぼ, 墨, 墨壷, すみつぼ
1. ink line, tool for marking long, straight lines on flat surfaces
2. inkpot, ink bottle
つぼかび, 壷黴, , ツボカビ
Usually in kana
chytrid (any simple, algaelike fungi of order Chytridiales)
坪庭, , つぼにわ
inner garden (esp. small, traditional), courtyard
つぼ湯, , 壷湯, つぼゆ
small (usu. round) bathtub for a single person (in a bathhouse or hot spring)
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