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報道, ほうどう
1. information, report, journalism, news
Takes suru
2. to report
報道, ほうどうじん
press corps
報道機関, ほうどうきかん
information media, press, news organs
報道, ほうどうかん
press officer, press secretary
報道, ほうどうじん
reporter, mediaperson
報道, ほうどうきょく
news bureau, press bureau
報道, ほうどうぶ
See 報道局
news department
報道写真, ほうどうしゃしん
news photograph
報道番組, ほうどうばんぐみ
news program, news programme
新聞報道, しんぶんほうどう
newspaper report, press reporting
調査報道, ちょうさほうどう
investigative journalism
虚偽報道, きょぎほうどう
See 虚報
false reporting, fake news
偏向報道, へんこうほうどう
biased coverage, biased media account, bias in reporting
報道被害, ほうどうひがい
victimization by media, trial by media, damage caused by exaggerated or false reporting (e.g. that one has committed a crime)
テレビ報道, テレビほうどう
television report
報道の自由, ほうどうのじゆう
freedom of the press
報道関係者, ほうどうかんけいしゃ
news media, news organization, newspeople, people in the press
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