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向い, 向かい, 対い, むかい
May take 'no'
facing, opposite, across the street, other side
向かう, 向う, 対う, むかう
Conjugated: 向かい
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to face
2. to go towards, to head towards
向かい合う, 向かいあう, 向い合う, むかいあう
Godan verb, Intransitive
to be opposite, to face each other
向かい, 真向い, ま向かい, ま向い, まむかい
May take 'no'
right opposite, directly across, just in front of, face to face
向かい, 向い側, むかいがわ
May take 'no'
opposite side, other side, other party
向かい, てむかい
向かい, かわむかい
across a river
向かい, むかいび
backfire (to defend against forest fires)
向かい, 当腹, 嫡腹, むかいばら
child born to one's legal wife (as opposed to one's concubine, etc.)
向かい, 相向い, あいむかい
May take 'no', NA-adjective
facing, across from, opposite, facing each other
はす向かい, 斜向かい, 斜向い, はす向い, はすむかい
May take 'no'
catercorner, diagonally opposite
向かい合わせ, むかいあわせ
差し向かい, 差向かい, 差向い, さしむかい
face to face
向かい合わせる, 向い合わせる, 向い合せる, 向かい合せる, むかいあわせる
Ichidan verb
to face, to confront, to be opposite to
向かい, 筋向い, すじむかい
diagonally opposite
向い風, 向かい, むかいかぜ
headwind, head wind
向い波, 向かい, むかいなみ
head sea
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