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同時, どうじ
May take 'no', See 同時に・どうじに
simultaneous, concurrent, same time, synchronous, together
同時, どうじに
Adverb, Conjunction
coincident with, while, simultaneously
同時, どうじだい
the same age, same period
同時, とどうじに
at the same time as, while, as well as (multiple roles)
同時通訳, どうじつうやく
Takes suru
simultaneous interpretation, simultaneous interpreting
同時, どうじせい
同時, どうじかん
Computer terminology
same time (of day)
同時録音, どうじろくおん
simultaneous recording, synchronous recording
同時放送, どうじほうそう
同時選挙, どうじせんきょ
double election (e.g. of the lower and higher chambers)
同時展開, どうじてんかい
Takes suru
simultaneous development, spreading at the same time (e.g. two phenomena)
同時主義, どうじしゅぎ
同時通訳者, どうじつうやくしゃ
simultaneous interpreter
二穴同時挿入, にけつどうじそうにゅう
Vulgar expression or word
double penetration
同時多発テロ, どうじたはつテロ
simultaneous terrorist attacks (esp. the Sep. 11 attacks), synchronized terrorist attacks
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