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, さつ
Suffix, Counter
printing, impression, issue
, 摺り, , すり
, いんさつ
Takes suru
, さっしん
Takes suru
reform, renovation
, 摺る, する
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to print
2. to color or pattern fabric using a wooden mold
, ぞうさつ
Takes suru
additional printing (esp. of books, etc.), additional run
, いんさつき
printing press
, り本, 摺り本, すりほん
unbound book (damp from the press), printed sheets
, さつすう
number (of books) printed
, しゅくさつ
Takes suru
reduced-size printing, printing in a compact format
, さっし, はけ
brush, commutator brush
, れんさつ
May take 'no'
, はく
Godan verb, Transitive
to daub, to brush, to touch up
り込む, すり込む, 込む, すりこむ
Godan verb, Transitive, See 刷り込み
to insert (an illustration), to stencil (a pattern), to print on, to instill (thought, impression, etc.), to imprint (e.g. on one's subconscious)
凸版印, とっぱんいんさつ
May take 'no'
letterpress, relief printing
, いんさつぎょう
printing business
, いんさつこう
pressman, printer
, いんさつし
printing paper
, いんさつしゃ
printing company
, いんさつしゃ
, いんさつじゅつ
printing art
, いんさつじょ, いんさつしょ
press, print shop, printing office
, いんさつにん
printer (person)
, 印もの, いんさつぶつ, いんさつもの
printed matter
, いんさつよう
for printing
, かりずり
proof printing
毛先, はけ先, はけさき
brush tip
毛目, はけ目, はけめ
brush marks
, 色, 色摺, 色摺り, いろずり
colour printing, color printing
, 下摺り, したずり
proof printing
, いんさつや
毛箒, はけほうき, はけぼうき
Usually in kana
whisk broom
, 骨, ほねずり
Obscure term
key-block print (woodblock, copper etching), key-plate print, outline block print
, いんさつばん
printing plate
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