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判断, はんだん
Takes suru
1. judgment, judgement, decision, conclusion, adjudication
2. divination
Mathematics term
3. judgement
判断, はんだんりょく
judgment, judgement, discernment
判断, ゆめはんだん
1. interpretation of dreams, dream reading, oneirocriticism, oneiroscopy
2. The Interpretation of Dreams (book by Sigmund Freud, 1900)
判断基準, 判断規準, はんだんきじゅん
evaluation criteria, evaluation standard
判断中止, はんだんちゅうし
suspension of judgement (judgment)
状況判断, じょうきょうはんだん
one's assessment of the situation
景気判断, けいきはんだん
economic assessment
素人判断, しろうとはんだん
layperson's judgment (opinion)
是非判断, ぜひはんだん
discrimination of right and wrong, distinguishing between right and wrong
判断記号, はんだんきごう
Computer terminology
decision symbol
判断命令, はんだんめいれい
Computer terminology
decision instruction
運勢判断, うんせいはんだん
司法判断, しほうはんだん
judicial ruling, judicial decision, judgment, judgement
判断ミス, はんだんミス
Takes suru
error of judgment, miscalculation
性格判断, せいかくはんだん
character assessment, personality analysis
常識判断, じょうしきはんだん
commonsense judgement
判断材料, はんだんざいりょう
basis for decision, evidence for judging
自己判断, じこはんだん
Takes suru
using one's own judgement, making up one's own mind, judging for oneself
価値判断, かちはんだん
value judgement, value judgment
定言的判断, ていげんてきはんだん
Obscure term
categorical judgment (judgement)
仮言的判断, かげんてきはんだん
Obscure term
hypothetical judgment (judgement)
選言的判断, せんげんてきはんだん
Obscure term
disjunctive judgment (judgement)
姓名判断, せいめいはんだん
fortunetelling based on writing or pronunciation of one's name
司法判断適合性, しほうはんだんてきごうせい
See 司法判断
業況判断指数, ぎょうきょうはんだんしすう
diffusion index, DI, business sentiment index
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