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分布, ぶんぷ
Takes suru
distribution, allocation
分布, ぶんぷず
distribution map, distribution diagram
分布, ぶんぷいき
area of distribution, distribution range, distribution region
分布, ティーぶんぷ
Mathematics term
分布, エフぶんぷ
Mathematics term
正規分布, せいきぶんぷ
Mathematics term
normal distribution, Gaussian distribution
二項分布, にこうぶんぷ
Mathematics term
binomial distribution
粒度分布, りゅうどぶんぷ
particle size distribution
度数分布, どすうぶんぷ
Mathematics term
frequency distribution
確率分布, かくりつぶんぷ
Mathematics term
probability distribution
民族分布, みんぞくぶんぷ
ethnic distribution, tribal distribution
指数分布, しすうぶんぷ
Mathematics term
exponential distribution
同一分布, どういつぶんぷ
Computer terminology
uniform distribution
標本分布, ひょうほんぶんぷ
Computer terminology
sampling distribution
頻度分布, ひんどぶんぷ
Computer terminology
frequency distribution
連続分布, れんぞくぶんぷ
Computer terminology
continuous distribution
相補分布, そうほぶんぷ
Linguistics terminology
complementary distribution
人口分布, じんこうぶんぷ
population distribution
垂直分布, すいちょくぶんぷ
See 水平分布
perpendicular distribution, vertical distribution
水平分布, すいへいぶんぷ
See 垂直分布
horizontal distribution
隔離分布, かくりぶんぷ
disjunct distribution
分布関数, ぶんぷかんすう
Mathematics term
distribution function
一様分布, いちようぶんぷ
Mathematics term
uniform distribution
誤差分布, ごさぶんぷ
Mathematics term
error distribution
多項分布, たこうぶんぷ
Mathematics term
multinomial distribution
分布曲線, ぶんぷきょくせん
Mathematics term
distribution curve
分布係数, ぶんぷけいすう
Mathematics term
distribution factor
結合分布, けつごうぶんぷ
Mathematics term
joint distribution
分布荷重, ぶんぷかじゅう
distributed load
事前分布, じぜんぶんぷ
See 事前確率分布・じぜんかくりつぶんぷ, Mathematics term, Abbreviation
prior probability distribution, prior distribution, prior
地域的分布, ちいきてきぶんぷ
regional distribution
度数分布, どすうぶんぷず
ガウス分布, ガウスぶんぷ
See 正規分布, Mathematics term
Gaussian distribution, normal distribution
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