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セイ, サイ, さむ.い, すご.い, すさ.まじい
uncanny, weird, threatening, horrible
すごい, , スゴイ, スゴい
Usually in kana
1. terrible, dreadful
2. amazing (e.g. of strength), great (e.g. of skills), wonderful, terrific
3. to a great extent, vast (in numbers)
Adverb, See 凄く, Colloquialism
4. awfully, very, immensely
ものすごい, 物, もの
Usually in kana
1. extreme, incredible, staggering
2. frightful, ghastly, terrible, horrible, scary
まじい, じい, すさまじい
terrific, fierce, terrible, tremendous, dreadful, awful, amazing, absurd, cutthroat, intense
Adverb, See 凄い・2, Usually in kana
awfully, very, immensely
, せいれつ
文句, すごもんく
intimidating language
, スゴ腕, すご腕, すごうで, スゴうで
May take 'no'
1. remarkable ability, mastery, brilliant technique
2. go-getter, resourceful person, wizard, virtuoso
, 悽惨, せいさん
ghastly, gruesome, appalling, lurid
, 悽絶, せいぜつ
extremely gruesome, lurid, violent, bloody, fierce
, , すごみ
1. ghastliness, dreadfulness, grimness, weirdness
2. intimidation, menace, threat
, すごむ
Godan verb, Intransitive
to threaten, to intimidate, to be threatening
, せいえん
weirdly beautiful
みを利かす, すごみをきかす
Expression, Godan verb
to threaten, to intimidate
すごいことになる, い事になる, すごい事になる, スゴい事になる, スゴいことになる
Expression, Godan verb, Usually in kana
to go crazy (esp. of a situation or thing), to get out of hand, to end up in an extreme state
みを利かせる, すごみを利かせる, すごみをきかせる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to threaten, to intimidate
スゴ技, , すご技, すごわざ, スゴわざ
Colloquialism, abbr. of 凄い技
amazing trick, amazing skill
悽愴, , せいそう
pathetic, dreadful
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