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停止, ていし, ちょうじ
Takes suru
1. stoppage, coming to a stop, halt, standstill
2. ceasing (movement, activity, etc.), suspension (of operations), interruption (e.g. of electricity supply), cutting off
3. suspension (of payment, licence, etc.), (temporary) prohibition, ban
Only ちょうじ, Archaism
4. suspension of music, dance, etc. as a sign of mourning for a prominent person
停止, しんていし
cardiac arrest
停止, ていしせん
stop line
運転停止, うんてんていし
Takes suru
suspension of operations
出港停止, しゅっこうていし
embargo (on a ship)
停止価格, ていしかかく
pegged price
停止時間, ていしじかん
stop time
一時停止, いちじていし
Takes suru
1. suspension, pause, temporary halt, moratorium
2. stopping (at an intersection, railway crossing, etc.)
停止信号, ていししんごう
stop signal, stoplight
免許停止, めんきょていし
driving license suspension
機能停止, きのうていし
Computer terminology
stopping functioning, being out of service
供給停止, きょうきゅうていし
Computer terminology
計画停止, けいかくていし
Computer terminology
planned shutdown, planned outage
心肺停止, しんぱいていし
1. cardiopulmonary arrest
media term for unconfirmed death
2. showing no vital signs
営業停止, えいぎょうていし
suspension of business
緊急停止, きんきゅうていし
Takes suru
emergency stop, emergency shutdown, scram (nuclear reactor)
停止期間, ていしきかん
思考停止, しこうていし
Takes suru
1. ceasing to think, refusing to think critically, giving up thinking (for oneself)
2. going blank, mental block, inability to think clearly
冷温停止, れいおんていし
cold shutdown (nuclear reactor)
停止問題, ていしもんだい
Computer terminology
halting problem
心臓停止, しんぞうていし
See 心停止
cardiac arrest
呼吸停止, こきゅうていし
Medicine term
cessation of breathing, respiratory arrest
配信停止, はいしんていし
cancellation of a subscription (e.g. mailing list), stopping distribution
非常停止, ひじょうていし
See 緊急停止
emergency stop, emergency shutdown
公民権停止, こうみんけんていし
deprivation of civil rights, suspension of civil rights
タブ停止位置, タブていしいち
Computer terminology
tabulation stop
停止シグナル, ていしシグナル
Computer terminology
quit signal
アカウント停止, アカウントていし
account suspension
自動列車停止装置, じどうれっしゃていしそうち
automatic train stop, ATS
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