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候補, こうほ
1. candidate, contender, prospect, pick, choice, list
2. candidacy, candidature, nomination
候補, りっこうほ
Takes suru
candidacy, standing as a candidate, bidding (to host an event, e.g. the Olympics)
候補, こうほしゃ
candidate, applicant
候補, こうほせい
候補, こうほち
proposed site, site chosen
候補, ぜんこうほ
all candidates
公認候補, こうにんこうほ
official candidate
万年候補, まんねんこうほ
ever unsuccessful candidate, persistent candidate
泡沫候補, ほうまつこうほ
fringe candidate
優勝候補, ゆうしょうこうほ
favorite (top choice) for the championship (favourite), best bet for the title
候補, りっこうほしゃ
candidate (for an election)
女性候補, じょせいこうほ
female candidate
有力候補, ゆうりょくこうほ
major contender, strong (leading) candidate, front runner
検索候補, けんさくこうほ
search results
刺客候補, しきゃくこうほ
candidate for assassination
キー候補, キーこうほ
Computer terminology
candidate key
対立候補, たいりつこうほ
rival candidate, opposing candidate
公認候補, こうにんこうほしゃ
official candidate
士官候補, しかんこうほせい
military cadet, officer cadet
大統領候補, だいとうりょうこうほ
presidential candidate
重複立候補, ちょうふくりっこうほ
simultaneously running for a seat in a single-member constituency and a seat in a proportionally represented constituency
候補者名簿, こうほしゃめいぼ
list of candidates, slate, list of nominees
落下傘候補, らっかさんこうほ
party appointee in a safe constituency, parachute candidate
無所属候補, むしょぞくこうほ
independent candidate
候補化合物, こうほかごうぶつ
(pharmaceutical) candidate compound
最有力候補, さいゆうりょくこうほ
most likely contender, prime candidate, top prospect, leading candidate
副大統領候補, ふくだいとうりょうこうほ
candidate for vice-president, running mate (US)
候補者を立てる, こうほしゃをたてる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to put up a candidate
候補デスクリプタ, こうほデスクリプタ
Computer terminology
candidate descriptor
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