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今日, きょう, こんにち, こんち, こんじつ
Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
1. today, this day
Only こんにち
2. these days, recently, nowadays
こんにちわ, 今日
Interjection, See 今日は, Colloquialism, Usually in kana, daytime greeting; phonetic spelling of こんにちは
hello, good day, good afternoon
今日この頃, 今日このごろ, 今日此の頃, きょうこの頃, 今日此頃, きょうこのごろ
these days, nowadays, recently
こんにちは, 今日
Interjection, Usually in kana, は is pronounced as わ; used during daytime
hello, good day, good afternoon
今日, こんにちてき
modern, up-to-date
今日, 今日, きょうび
Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
今日, こんにちさま
sun god
今日, こんにった
Temporal noun (jisoumeishi), See 今日・1, emphatic; used in Japanese theater
1. today, this day
See 今日・2
2. these days, recently, nowadays
今日中に, きょうじゅうに
by today, before the day is over
今日明日, きょうあす
today and tomorrow, today or tomorrow, in a day or two
今日まで, きょうまで, こんにちまで
until today
昨日今日, きのうきょう
1. yesterday and today
2. only recently, just recently, only yesterday
今日昨日, きょうきのう
1. today and yesterday
2. (something that happened) only yesterday (just recently)
今日では, こんにちでは
Expression, Adverb
nowadays, in this day and age
先週の今日, せんしゅうのきょう
this day last week, a week ago today
来週の今日, らいしゅうのきょう
this day next week, today week, a week from today
昨日の今日, きのうのきょう
right on the heels of yesterday, then today ..., soon after something, and yet now ...
昨日や今日, きのうやきょう
Expression, See 昨日今日・2
only recently, just recently, only yesterday
今日という今日, きょうというきょう
this very day, today is the day (that ...), today for sure
今日のところは, 今日の所は, きょうのところは
for today, for the time being
今日も今日とて, きょうもきょうとて
the same as always, day after day
よりによって今日, よりによってきょう
today of all days
昨日の友は今日の敵, きのうのともはきょうのてき
Expression, Proverb
a friend today may turn against you tomorrow
明日の百より今日の五十, あすのひゃくよりきょうのごじゅう
Expression, Proverb
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, fifty today is better than a hundred tomorrow
今日は人の身明日は我が身, きょうはひとのみあすはわがみ
Expression, Proverb
what chances to one man may happen to all, what happens to one today may happen to another tomorrow, misfortunes can happen to anyone
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