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, 5, 伍, ご, いつ, い
Numeric, 伍 is used in legal documents
, ウー
, 15, じゅうご
15, fifteen
, ごりん
See オリンピック
Olympic rings, Olympics
25, 二十, にじゅうご
1. twenty-five
Only 25, Colloquialism
2. 1am
5月, , ごがつ
1. May
2. fifth month of the lunar calendar
50, , , ごじゅう, いそ, い
fifty, 50
500, , 5百, 〇〇, ごひゃく, いお
1. 500, five hundred
2. many
, 15日, じゅうごにち
1. fifteenth day of the month
2. fifteen days
二十, 25日, にじゅうごにち
1. twenty-fifth day of the month
2. twenty-five days
, ごふん
Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
five minutes
, 5つ, 伍つ, いつつ
1. five
2. five years of age
3. eight o'clock (old time system)
, ごい
1. fifth court rank
See 五位鷺, Abbreviation
2. black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax), night heron
Buddhist term
3. five ranks, five stages
500万, 百万, 5000000, 〇〇〇〇〇〇, ごひゃくまん, いおよろず
1. 5,000,000, five million
Only 五百万, Archaism
2. many
, ごしち
1. five and seven
See 五七日, Abbreviation
2. 35th day after a person's death
, 5日, いつか
1. fifth day of the month
2. five days
, ごかん
the five senses
分五分, 5分5分, ごぶごぶ
May take 'no', yojijukugo
as likely as not, 50-50, even match, tie
, しちごさん
1. festival (shrine visit) by children aged 7, 5 and 3
2. lucky numbers 7, 5 and 3
, ごみ
1. five flavors (sweet, salty, spicy, sour, bitter), five palates, five tastes
See 五時教, Buddhist term
2. five flavors (milk at various stages of making ghee: fresh milk, cream, curdled milk, butter, and ghee), the five periods of the Buddha's teachings
十音, ごじゅうおん
the Japanese syllabary
, ごしき, ごしょく
1. five colors (usu. red, blue, yellow, white and black), five colours
May take 'no'
2. many kinds, varied
See 瓜
3. melon, gourd
, ごあく
the five sins in Buddhism (murder, theft, adultery, falsehood and drink)
, ごかい
Buddhist term
the five precepts (prohibitions against killing, theft, sexual misconduct, lying and intemperance)
, ごけた
five-digit number, "ten thousands" column
, ごげん
five strings, five-stringed instrument
, ごこう
the five night watches, fifth watch of the night (approx. 3am to 5am)
, ごぎょう
See 五大・ごだい・1
1. the five elements (in Chinese philosophy: wood, fire, earth, metal and water), the five phases, wu xing
Buddhist term
2. five practices of the Bodhisattvas
See 六信五行
3. the five pillars of Islam
, ごしょ
, ごじょう
the five cardinal Confucian virtues (justice, politeness, wisdom, fidelity and benevolence)
, ごじょう
the five passions (anger, joy, hatred, desire and grief)
, ごせつ
the five festivals (January 7, March 3, May 5, July 7 and September 9)
, ごだん
See 五段動詞・ごだんどうし, See 五段活用・ごだんかつよう, See 一段・いちだん・4, Abbreviation
1. godan (verb, verb conjugation)
2. fifth rank (in martial arts, go, etc.)
, ごとく
1. the five virtues
2. tripod, three or four-legged kettle stand
3. family crest in the shape of such an object
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