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中に, なかにも
Expression, Adverb, See 中でも・なかでも
1. among (other things), especially, particularly, inter alia, above all (else)
2. at the same time, simultaneously, at once, both
中に, なかには
among (them), of (them)
今週中に, こんしゅうじゅうに
before the week is out, before the week is over, within the week, sometime this week
今日中に, きょうじゅうに
by today, before the day is over
近日中に, きんじつちゅうに
in a few days, in the near future, soon, one of these days
同日中に, どうじつちゅうに
Adverb, See 今日中に・きょうじゅうに
on the same day
今月中に, こんげつちゅうに, こんげつじゅうに
Expression, Adverb
by the end of this month, before the month is out, in the course of this month
今年中に, ことしじゅうに, ことしちゅうに
Expression, Adverb
by the end of this year, before the year comes to a close, during this year
中にない, 眼中に無い, がんちゅうにない
taking no notice (of), thinking nothing of, disregarding, not aware of, completely ignoring, being out of consideration, effectively not existing as an option
中にする, しゅちゅうにする
to get hold of, to take possession of, to seize
中に将たる, しょうちゅうにしょうたる
to be a leader among leaders
中におさめる, 手中に収める, 手中に納める, しゅちゅうにおさめる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to make one's own, to take possession of
中に活を求める, しちゅうにかつをもとめる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to search for a way out of a potentially fatal situation, to seek for a way out of a desperate situation
近しき中に礼儀有り, ちかしきなかにれいぎあり
Expression, Proverb
good fences make good neighbors, a hedge between keeps friendship green
親しき中に垣をせよ, したしきなかにかきをせよ
Expression, See 親しき中にも礼儀あり, Proverb
good fences make good neighbors, a hedge between keeps friendship green
目の中に入れても痛くない, めのなかにいれてもいたくない
Expression, Idiomatic expression
thinking the sun shines out of someone's eyes, being the apple of one's eye
梅は食うとも核食うな、中に天神寝てござる, 梅は食うとも核食うな中に天神寝てござる, うめはくうともさねくうななかにてんじんねてござる
Expression, Proverb
don't eat plum pits (because they are poisonous), if you eat a plum, don't eat the kernel; inside it heavenly gods sleep
親しき仲にも礼儀あり, 親しき仲にも礼儀有り, 親しき中にも礼儀あり, 親しき中にも礼儀有り, したしきなかにもれいぎあり
Expression, Proverb
good fences make good neighbors, a hedge between keeps friendship green
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