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世間, せけん
world, society, people, the public
世間知らず, せけんしらず
May take 'no', NA-adjective
ignorant of the ways of the world
世間, せけんてい
appearance (in the eyes of society), decency
世間, 世間ばなし, せけんばなし
small talk, chat, gossip
世間並み, 世間なみ, 世間, せけんなみ
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
ordinary (esp. life or behavior), typical, conventional, standard, average
世間, しゅっせけん
monastic life
世間, 世間さま, せけんさま
See 世間・せけん, Honorific or respectful
world, society
世間, 世間, せけんち
worldly wisdom, knowledge of the ways of the world
世間, しゅっせけんてき
unworldly, religious
世間擦れ, 世間ずれ, せけんずれ
Takes suru
worldly wise, sophisticated, street smart, knowledge of the world (acquired in the school of hard knocks), toughness
世間周知, せけんしゅうち
common knowledge, widely known, known to everybody
世間一般, せけんいっぱん
the world in general, society, convention
世間の目, せけんのめ
spotlight, public eye, public's attention, goldfish bowl
世間の口, せけんのくち
what people say, gossip, rumours, rumors
世間, せけんてき
public (attention, recognition, etc.), social (standing, acceptance, etc.), worldly (fame, desires, etc.)
世間の通り, せけんのとおり
世間, ぞくせけん
1. this world, earthly world, secular society
2. ordinary world, everyday life, workaday world
世間離れ, 世間ばなれ, せけんばなれ
Takes suru, See 世離れる
becoming unworldly, being free from worldliness, not keeping up with social norms
世間一般の通念, せけんいっぱんのつうねん
conventional wisdom
渡る世間に鬼はない, 渡る世間に鬼は無い, わたるせけんにおにはない
Expression, Proverb
all people aren't evil, don't distrust everyone, there is kindness to be found everywhere
世間は広いようで狭い, 世間は広い様で狭い, せけんはひろいようでせまい
Expression, Proverb
though it seems big, it's a small world
世間の口に戸は立てられぬ, せけんのくちにとはたてられぬ
Expression, See 人の口に戸は立てられず, Proverb
people will talk
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