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上段, じょうだん
1. upper tier, upper section, upper deck, upper row, upper step, upper grade, upper berth, top shelf
See 上座
2. place of honor, place of honour
See 上段の間
3. dais, raised part of floor
4. overhead position (of a sword in kendo, etc.)
上段の間, じょうだんのま
room with a raised floor
上段, だいじょうだん
Martial arts term
1. holding a sword above one's head (kendo posture)
2. haughty attitude, overbearing manner
上段に構える, だいじょうだんにかまえる
Expression, Ichidan verb, See 大上段・だいじょうだん・1
1. to hold a sword above one's head
See 大上段・だいじょうだん・2
2. to be haughty, to be arrogant
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