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丈夫, じょうぶ
NA-adjective, sometimes じょうふ
healthy, robust, strong, solid, durable
丈夫, 益荒男, じょうふ, ますらお
NA-adjective, sometimes じょうぶ
hero, manly person, warrior
丈夫, だいじょうぶ, だいじょぶ
1. safe, secure, sound, problem-free, without fear, all right, alright, OK, okay
2. certainly, surely, undoubtedly
Interjection, Colloquialism
3. no thanks, I'm good, that's alright
Only だいじょうぶ, See 大丈夫・だいじょうふ, Archaism
4. great man, fine figure of a man
丈夫, だいじょうふ
great man, fine figure of a man
丈夫, びじょうふ
good-looking man, fine figure of a man
丈夫, いじょうふ
great man, great god, hero, big man
丈夫, じょじょうふ, じょじょうぶ
brave woman
丈夫, きじょうぶ
1. reassuring
See 気丈
2. stout-hearted, firm, courageous, brave, tough
丈夫, こころじょうぶ
secure, reassuring
ますらおぶり, 益荒男振り, 丈夫振り, 益荒男振, 丈夫
Usually in kana
manly poetic style (e.g. in the Man'yōshū)
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