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のです, のだ, んです, んだ
Expression, の and ん add emphasis
the expectation is that ..., the reason is that ..., the fact is that ..., the explanation is that ..., it is that ...
野点, 野点て, 野立て, のだ
Takes suru
1. open-air tea ceremony
2. aristocrat taking a break during a trip in a palanquin
3. something standing in the open
野太刀, のだ
large war sword (carried across the back)
野田藤, のだふじ, のだのふじ, ノダフジ
See 藤
Japanese wisteria (Wisteria floribunda)
のだ, なんだ
Auxiliary, See のだ
1. it is assuredly that ..., can say with confidence that ...
Only なんだ, after the -nai stem of a verb, Dialect: Kansai-ben
2. did not ...
物種, ものだ
origin, fundamental element
物断ち, ものだ
角樽, つのだ
two-handled keg
のだ, 角出, ツノダシ
Usually in kana
moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus, species of Indo-Pacific perciform fish)
親の代, おやのだ
one's parents' generation
のだから, もんだから
the reason for something
ノダシ属, ツノダシぞく
Zanclus (sole genus of the family Zanclidae containing the moorish idol as its sole extant species)
ノダシ科, ツノダシか
Zanclidae, family of perciform fish whose sole member is the moorish idol
どこの誰, どこのだ
Expression, Pronoun, emphatic ver. of 誰
who the heck, just who
梯子の段, はしごのだ
rung of a ladder
太物店, ふとものだ
draper's shop
篠竹, しのだ
bamboo grass, bamboo
作文の題, さくぶんのだ
subject of a composition
ないものだらけ, ない物だらけ, 無いものだらけ, 無い物だらけ
Expression, Usually in kana
plenty of nothing, having absolutely nothing
人間の堕落, にんげんのだらく
the Fall of Man (in Christian theology), the Fall
笠の台が飛ぶ, かさのだいがとぶ
Expression, Godan verb
to be fired, to be decapitated
行き掛けの駄賃, 行きがけの駄賃, いきがけの駄賃, ゆきがけの駄賃, いきがけのだちん, ゆきがけのだちん
Expression, Idiomatic expression
taking the opportunity to do something, doing something incidentally, doing something while (you) are at it, doing something on the way, while I'm at it
右京大夫, うきょうのだいぶ
See 律令, Archaism
Ukyō no Daibu (title under the ritsuryo system), high steward
天下の台所, てんかのだいどころ
The Nonpareil Kitchen, The Kitchen of the Nation (nickname for Osaka)
夏の大三角, なつのだいさんかく
Expression, Astronomy term
Summer Triangle (asterism)
冬の大三角, ふゆのだいさんかく
Expression, Astronomy term
Winter Triangle (asterism)
春の大三角, はるのだいさんかく
Expression, Astronomy term
Spring Triangle (asterism)
天保の大飢饉, てんぽうのだいききん
Great Tempo Famine
ファイルの断片化, ファイルのだんぺんか
Computer terminology
file fragmentation
善意の第三者, ぜんいのだいさんしゃ
Expression, Law term
bona fide third party, bona fide third person
同日の談ではない, どうじつのだんではない
bearing no comparison with, not to be mentioned in the same breath as
証文の出し後れ, しょうもんのだしおくれ
Expression, Idiomatic expression
something done too late
命あっての物種, 命あってのもの種, 命有っての物種, いのちあってのものだ
Expression, Proverb
while there is life, there is hope, without life, there is nothing, don't waste your life
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