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誰か, だれか
someone, somebody
誰かさん, だれかさん
See 誰か, Humorous term
a certain somebody, you-know-who
誰彼, 誰かれ, だれか, たれかれ
this or that person, anybody, many people
誰彼なしに, 誰彼無しに, だれかれなしに
to whomever, to anybody at all
誰彼となく, 誰かれとなく, 誰彼と無く, だれかれと無く, だれかれとなく
anyone and everyone, anybody at all
誰彼かまわず, 誰彼構わず, だれかれ構わず, 誰かれかまわず, だれかれかまわず
anyone and everyone, anybody at all
だれか, 涎掛け, よだれ掛け, ヨダレカケ
Usually in kana
bib, drool bib
乱れ勝ち, 乱勝, みだれか
undone victory, upset victory, lost victory
しなだれかかる, しな垂れかかる, 撓垂れ掛かる
Godan verb, Intransitive, Usually in kana
to lean coquettishly against, to snuggle into, to nestle into
誰が見ても, だれが見ても, だれがみても
as anyone can see
だれが, 簾貝, スダレガイ
Usually in kana
Paphia euglypta (species of Venus clam)
寝乱れ髪, ねみだれが
hair messed up in sleep
まるすだれが, 丸簾貝, マルスダレガイ
Usually in kana
embossed venus (species of venus clam, Venus toreuma)
乱れ髪, みだれ髪, みだれが
disheveled hair, unravelled hair
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