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妥当, だと
valid, proper, right, appropriate, reasonable
打倒, だと
Takes suru
knockdown (e.g. in boxing), overthrow, defeat
打突, だと
Martial arts term
strike (kendo)
妥当性, だとうせい
validity, verification, propriety
ダトニオイデス科, ダトニオイデスか
Datnioididae, family of perciform fishes
妥当性確認試験, だとうせいかくにんしけん
Computer terminology
validation (test)
だと, なんだと
Expression, Interjection, used by itself, i.e. not ~思う etc.
what did you just say (to me)?, what's that?
只取り, 只取, ただと, ただどり
Takes suru
getting something for nothing
だと判る, しろだとわかる
Expression, Godan verb
to be found innocent
仇となる, 徒となる, あだとなる
Expression, Godan verb, See 仇になる
to backfire, to have a harmful result
普遍妥当, ふへんだと
universal validity, fitting into any situation
普遍妥当性, ふへんだとうせい
ability to fit into any situation
記述的妥当性, きじゅつてきだとうせい
Linguistics terminology
descriptive adequacy
説明的妥当性, せつめいてきだとうせい
Linguistics terminology
explanatory adequacy
バミューダトライアングル, バーミューダトライアングル, バミューダ・トライアングル, バーミューダ・トライアングル
Bermuda Triangle
阿弥陀堂, あみだど
temple hall containing an enshrined image of Amitabha
夜直鳥, よただど, ヨタダドリ
See 時鳥, Obscure term
lesser cuckoo (Cuculus poliocephalus)
札止め, ふだど
1. full house, sell-out
2. putting up a sign forbidding entry, passage, etc.
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