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しばらく, 暫く, 姑く, 暫らく, 須臾
Adverb, Takes suru, Usually in kana
1. for a moment, for a minute
2. for a while, for some time
3. for the time being, for now
4. it's been a long time, long time no see
, しゅうとめ, しゅうと, おば, しばらく
しばらく, 暫く前, しばらくまえ
Expression, Adverb
a short time ago, a while ago, for some time
しばらくぶり, 暫くぶり, しばらく振り, 暫く振り
NA-adjective, May take 'no', Usually in kana
a long time (since the last time)
しばらくの間, 暫くの間, しばらくのあいだ
Expression, Adverb
for a short while, for a while, for some time, for the time being
しばらくして, 暫くして
Expression, Usually in kana
after a short time, presently
しばらくすると, 暫くすると
Expression, Usually in kana
after a short time, in a short while, a short time later
after a while, a little while later, shortly afterward
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