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しかし, 然し, 併し
Conjunction, Usually in kana
however, but
私窩子, しかし
See 淫売婦, See 私娼
prostitute, harlot
しかしながら, 然しながら, 併し乍ら, 然し乍ら
Adverb, Conjunction, Usually in kana
however, nevertheless
詞華集, しかしゅう
anthology (of poems), florilegium
私家集, しかしゅう
private or personal collection (of poetry)
しかしもかかしもない, しかしも案山子もない, しかしもカカシもない
Expression, Usually in kana, resp. when other party is equivocating, such as saying しかし
stop complaining, stop making excuses
そして, 然して, 而して, しかし
Conjunction, Usually in kana
and, and then, thus, and now, and finally
しかし, 若しかし
Adverb, See もしかすると, Usually in kana
1. perhaps, possibly, maybe, by any chance, if I'm not mistaken
2. if, in case, in the event that
しかしたら, 若しかしたら
Expression, Adverb, Usually in kana
perhaps, maybe, perchance, by some chance, by any chance
Expression, Adverb, See もしかしたら, Abbreviation
perhaps, maybe, by some chance
Expression, Conjunction, See しかし
however, but
可視化処理, かしかしょり
Computer terminology
imaging process
Expression, Adverb, See もしかし, Colloquialism
no need to guess, certainly
夫人, ふじん, ぶにん, はしかし
Only ふじん, Only はしかし, Honorific or respectful
1. wife, Mrs, madam
2. wife of a nobleman (aristocrat, etc.)
Only ぶにん
3. consort of the emperor
然然, 然々, しかじ
Adverb, May take 'no'
such and such
死荷重, しかじゅう
See 静荷重
dead weight, dead load, static load
歯科実験室, しかじっけんしつ
dental laboratory
才子佳人, さいしかじ
talented man and a beautiful woman, well-matched pair, wit and beauty
かくかくしかじ, 斯く斯く然然
Expression, Usually in kana
such and such, so and so
可視化順序, かしかじゅんじょ
Computer terminology
imaging order
ヘイ, あわせる, ならぶ, しかし
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